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  1. Plenty of room at Marquis Caravans at Dinnington.
  2. Rackfords MOT centre on New Street, Halfway. They don't do repairs so won't be touting for work.
  3. I use Newhall BMW http://www.newhallbmwspecialists.com/
  4. Newhall BMW specialists have diagnostic equipment which may be able to help you, much cheaper than the main dealers too. http://www.newhallbmwspecialists.com
  5. As others have already said the pubs left in Eckington are pretty quiet, there just doesn't seem to be the trade to support them. It's strange as just up the road in Mosborough the pubs are heaving at weekends.
  6. I'd be interested in this too as I've got a textured door card that need a repair.
  7. How about alloy wheels, would it be worth me having the tyres removed and taking the alloys to a scrap yard?
  8. Do what my wife does and use the smoke alarm as your timer.
  9. As far as I'm aware Drakehouse don't clamp for parking infringements. It could possibly have been the DVLA clamping an untaxed car.
  10. I've just dug this out of the blue bin, is it the Saks voucher you want? Send me your name and address by PM and i'll stick it in the post.
  11. DC Goss are excellent, years and years of experience. Moor Valley, Mosborough, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S20 5BB 0114 248 4676‎
  12. It could be the pressure relief device that needs replacing. This operates if the water supply to the head was blocked for some reason giving the water an escape route rather than damaging the shower.
  13. Enter your vehicle details in this website to check if your car has been caught breaking the speed limit http://speedcameracheck.co.uk/
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