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  1. At no 97 lives a gentleman who deserves recognition.A Richard Worrall 89 years old and has done the Sheffield half marathon and others for at least the last 20 years, raising money for western park hospital and other charities.He has lived there for at least 50 years.Should be the most famous resident of hawksley ave. WELL DONE
  2. I have heard it was an attempted murder,
  3. phone 07891295319 and speak to micheal
  4. I was really pleased when I went on sheffield forum and found a really good and reliable man to fix my car radio .He is reasonably priced and is mobile so no inconvenience going and waiting anywhere, if I need my car fixing I will be going back to Mick mobile mechanic and electrician. His name is HATHER-SAGE on here.Well worth patronising.
  5. Lady Jane here usd to be married to red L.Does anyone remember quivertip?Had some great times in stocksbridge treasure hunts.
  6. Last I could see there was smoke coming out of the roof, all the services are still there.Hope no-one has been hurt.
  7. This time it is not a bomb it is a house fire.Everyone round evacuated,three fire engines,police, ambulance, road sealed off.
  8. If you use this link you will see they have found the other man and have charged him as well.
  9. Just had some workmen here who said two of their joiners had been called out by the police to break into 3 flats on woodfarm close early this morning??????????????
  10. They have just done a controlled explosion on it.Big bang about five minutes ago.
  11. Plenty of police walking round .It,s supposed to be a suspect package they are investigating.
  12. It seems we have a bomb scare in Stannington,On woodfarm close .It is sealed off by the police.Anyone know anything?
  13. My 18 year old Tabatha went blind 2 years before she died, but boy could she move when she knew her way about.It never affected her happiness and luckily only went down hill over 24 hours.I'll never forget her.
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