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  1. Not everyone can afford to lose out on £50, maybe you could be kind and buy it then donate it.
  2. On this link your daughter calls them snaps herself, that's what these pictures are, also if she's trying to use photography has her income it doesn't look very professional that mummy has to come and have a go at the slightest bit of criticism.
  3. I haven't slagged her off, I never said the pictures were bad just more like snap shots , which several people agreed!!! So maybe rather than just naming me you should have taken the time to read the whole thread.
  4. It wasn't spiteful it was honest, I even had someone in box me agreeing! Im an animal lover and also a photography lover. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.
  5. Give someone a camera and suddenly that person becomes a photographer, no offence pics and paws but I've taken better picture's on my phone. These "sample" pictures are simply just snap shots and more like someone would stick on Facebook not in a frame.
  6. The thing is though people bad mouth people that breed moggys but not everyone wants or can afford an expensive breed of cat. I have 7 cats (crazy cat lady) each one is a moggy, i wouldnt want an expensive breed not because i cant afford one but because id rather spend my money spoiling my cats.
  7. And btw i havent said this to "troll" (lets face it everyone is a troll if you say something someone else dosent like on here) im just giving my opinion.
  8. It really bugs me when people go on and on about neutering cats and dogs, if some people didnt then you wouldnt have kittens to join youre family and dont say "you can get them from rescues , rescues are full to busting blah blah blah" because rescues soon wouldnt be.
  9. its not stupid it could kill youre son then you will have good as killed him to. its only a dog get it put down
  10. Get it put down if its bitten already it will do it again and could be a lot worse next it.
  11. Boxer or mastiff?! guess it dosent matter which as long as you get some money in you're back pocket eh?! STOP BREEDING YOU PRAT!
  12. I never said the person was bitter so re read rather that putting words into my mouth. it might and might not thats right its a 50/50 chance although i think more of a 80/10 chance i think alot more people would rather give an animal a loving home than hurt them. alot you you need to stop scaremongering.
  13. Its not illegal to re home puppies at 5weeks old its wrong but not illegal
  14. Its much better than living in a awful bitter world you seem to live in. The puppy could very well go to a good home, its down to the OWNER to make sure of that.
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