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  1. try http://www.pellerartistes.com/ A Sheffield based company that has many tribute bands on their rosta
  2. According to Travel South Yorkshire, no TM services are running
  3. Going out with some friends on Friday evening and rather than sit in the usual pubs on Woodseats, I thought it might make a change to see a band etc. Any one know of any local gigs on Friday? Cheers, Ambz
  4. Also the A1 which runs twice an hour - departs at 25 past and 5 to the hour - from stand c3 at the bus station - actually runs up Poplar Way
  5. The A1 to Rotherham stops just outside - can catch it from bus station at ponds street
  6. Woodmally - I totally agree with your comments. I use the A1 often and am always baffled that TM Travel have not yet cottoned onto the idea of using a larger bus at peak times. Where I work, they encourage people to use public transport yet the benefits of driving are much more appealing than paying for a service that is often late and overcrowded
  7. Evening all. I have a large collection of vinyls that I would like valuing - with a view to sell. Could any one recommend some one that would value them please? Or of any stores that I could take them to? Thank you - Ambz
  8. Have you cheeked the Yorkshire Water web site? They have known incidents listed and a help line number. Hope you get it sorted!
  9. Browns is lovely. Also Leopold square has a good variety of restaurants.
  10. Its nite s5 or s6 but i think Extras in M'hall sell it
  11. Try here: http://www.cylex-uk.co.uk/reviews/viewcompanywebsite.aspx?firmaName=sally-hair---beauty-supplies-ltd-sheffield&companyId=14591649# there is one near meadowhall and one at Heeley.
  12. Hi, Sorry about your car - you must be so frustrated! There are a couple of guys on here who will pay for the car and collect to break/scrap. Search for Rob!! and Ash.B Hope all gets sorted, Ambz
  13. Cheers guys. Where did u take it Hobbit?
  14. My T Reg 1.2 Clio failed it's MOT yesterday - the fail list does not make for good reading.... Any ways, I know there are a few scrappies/breakers on here so I wondered if some one would give me a scrap price for it please? Please PM me. thanks! Ambz
  15. Where are these sessions being held please?
  16. The A1 runs and stops at the Manufacturing Park.It departs at 5 to and 25 past the hour from C3 in the bus station at Ponds street. Single fare is about 2.10 Hope that helps.
  17. The old ice skating rink on Queens Road is now an indoor rink
  18. The A1 does still run. Two buses an hour from platform c3 of the bus station at around 5 to the hour and 25 mins past.Single tickets are 2.10 weekly tickets are between 13 and 15 quid. Where u travelling from? I work up at the business park - there are still plenty of companies up there.
  19. Pretty sure Asda and Tesco do them? Hope u find one :-)
  20. Try Phelan Scaffolding. Don't have the number I'm afraid
  21. Thanks - Yes it's been cleaned (apparently!) but still having problems - engine cuts out at low revs/when idle. Will take a look.
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