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  1. Hi, I might be able to help. I've sent you a PM. Alan
  2. Hi Maggiedee, I parked the van in front of a house and was only stood at the front door when it was taken. It was early yesterday afternoon. ---------- Post added 12-02-2013 at 13:16 ---------- Horribleblob - I can't reply to your PM. Thanks for having a look. It was in the middle of Stafford. I've been up this morning for another look around but haven't found it.
  3. Hi, I had my briefcase and Sat Nav stolen from my van when it was parked on Stafford Road, just off of Granville Road. There wasn't anything of value in the briefcase but it had some paperwork in it (sales book, quotes etc). I think it will be dumped once they realise there's nothing valuable in there. If anybody in the area spots it dumped somewhere would you mind giving me a call on 07765 097 870. Will give a £25 reward to anyone who finds it. Thanks
  4. Hi, We're a family run company who provide window and door installations. We're a UK trades member and are Certass registered (you'll receive a certificate after the installation which ensures that we comply with the current house selling process). All work is guaranteed and we've received good feedback from our customers. I fit myself and do not use any sub-contractors. Alan
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