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  1. Try Freddie Starr, he has eaten one so I believe, or Gail Platt, she looks like one and must have mothered a few.
  2. Ah ha. So Basil, you are at your 2 score years. This means that you were born in 1967. I am slighty older than you, but at least half your age again, then plus some. Bits of me have slowed down but I am able to take more chances than I did at 40. I am now looked on as an excentric elder family member and that gives me leeway to take advantage, goosing younger female members of the family, and their friends, saying outlandish things, mostly about Margaret Thatcher and being generally grumpy. Oh yes life begins at 40 and just gets better.
  3. If the truth, and it is the truth, be known Mike Barrett aka as Shakin' Stevens changed his name by deed poll to Clark Kent. This is fairly well documented so if you see somebody behind the green door changing into underpants over his tousers tell Lex Luther to scarper sharpish.
  4. As the original starter of the thread I would like to ask people that do smoke outside establishments, not always public houses, to look thru the decking. We have a paper collection in my area on a Tuesday and today, beneath one decking is enough paper that has been blown to cause alarm. And for those that maynot know, a venteuri (spelt correctly this time) is similar to blowing across the top of a straw to pick up paper, the principle the Bolehills were built on, with the draft, e.g. wind, coming up the Rivlin Valley. This causes the effect of a damper and would ignite with the smallest of embers. If the paper can be blown there I would suggest there is a potential problem. It's an observation, and a potential risk.
  5. Now lets get one thing straight, I aint the sharpest knife in the box! But, walking around the area I live I see areas set aside for those that smoke. I have no problems with that. What I do find strange is that many of these areas are under wooden outdoor canopies and are, more often than not, on wooden decking. We saw by the Bradford Football Ground fire of recent years how dropped paper can be fanned if ignited and cause a ventori. I hope this doesnt happen, either locally or nationally, but I cant help but wonder if wood was an ideal choice for those that smoke!.
  6. Thank you, I will try them at weekend. Anywhere else anyone knows?
  7. I have searched in Sheffield for an outlet for used postage stamps and accessories such as stamp hinges, tweezers, albums, packets of stamps etc. all to no avail. The nearest one I can find is at Bakewell. Even W H Smiths and the ilk no longer carry such items. Is there anywhere in Sheffield?
  8. A few years ago I had need to contact a solicitor named David Kirk from Mean Business to help resolve an employment issue. Does anybody know of his whereabouts today or the whereabouts of Mean Business? I have an issue with my current employers and would like to take advice from a solicitor, maybe involving them in meetings between management and myself. The problem surrounds company policy. If you can advise of a practice that is used to this type of dicsipline and could help me in this respect I would be grateful. Please either message me or leave in the thread. Thank you.
  9. I have some damage on my phone line, caused by leaking water, in my home. The problem is not on the BT side of the line, but an extension, via a junction box. I have contacted BT for a quote but after hearing their prices I would like to know if anybody locally repairs and checks domestic lines and junction boxes. If so, please contact me.
  10. Leah, I was in Record collector last week and can assure you that the 50's and 60's section have no new stuff in it, and have not for sometime. As for other types and eras I can not pass comment.
  11. 7 Hills, I have no other option. Fopp do not cater for 1950s rock'n'roll, and certainly the big ones don't (virgin, HMV etc.) I use the internet, although I really don't like too and did use Record Collector. I don't mind the prices, because the format may have changed, but I am a collector, not a buyer.
  12. I don't go for the cheaper option, but I would like some form of option!
  13. What is happening to Record Collector in Broomhill? Everytime I got in there the stock gets less and less and the stuff that is in there doesn't seem to change. After the closure of Kenny's Record Shop in Wicker, Record Collector was some form of alternative but alas, for collectors like I now I am using Amazon or a shop in York. Sheffield has a requirement for a specialist shop, if not Record Collector, where?
  14. Anybody seen the advert currently running that shows starlings, thousands of them, flying, making wonderful patterns in the sky. I know you can see this at dusk on the flats on the banks of the River Seven, but does anybody know locally where I can see something similar. Flocks fly over The Bolehills early mornings but nothing like the ad.
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