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  1. Please use the wanted section of classifeds. Closing.
  2. Sorry everyone I had no idea this was a major issue that I hadn't put model number etc on I have no idea what information people need and if they have asked I have answered them! The model is K55A-SX372H Basically my little boy pit his toy car inside the laptop and closed the lid and now the screen doesn't work and it looks like it has cracked If you need anymore info then please do not hesitate to private message me Thanks
  3. Hi my little boy has cracked the screen on my asus laptop! Can anyone quote me a price to fix this please? Thankyou
  4. Thank you so much you have been a great help!
  5. Hi thanks for the reply I am fairly new to the area and didn't know about that 1 do you have any more information? Website? Phone number? Rough price? Thanks
  6. Hi I am looking for a function room or church hall to hire for my sons 5th birthday. Preferably in Aston/Swallownest S26 Free or cheap please Needs to be big enough for a bouncy castle Thanks in advance
  7. Hi I am returning to college in September to do an access course and then hopefully progress onto university to study paramedic practice. Basically I am just wondering if anyone knows where I can look for any volunteer positions (contact numbers, websites etc) to do with paramedics and their line of work? Thanks in advance :-)
  8. Yes but would like new and from somewhere I can collect from
  9. I have a Renault clio on a 2002 reg and in need of the middle and back parts of the exhaust. I don't need it fitting as my dad can do it so if anyone can think of any cheap places that would be great! Thank you
  10. Hi yes I think the touch is working cos when I slide my thumb across to unlock it seems as though it has unlocked, how long does this take to do? Can you do it while I wait? Thanks
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