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  1. They don't need to inspect the hologram, they can make use of the magnetic signature to check.
  2. I've picked up a scrape on two wheels - one pulling over for an ambulance and the other some plonker on the wrong side of the road so I need to get them repaired. Is there anywhere decent (and reasonably priced) in Sheffield (preferably centre or East/South). I also need to get a scratch repaired where a bolt got flicked up off the road and a large stone chip at the front. I'm looking for places people have used ideally - as I've seen the state of some cars after they've been handled by a few places around Sheffield, the lovely orange peel etc. Cheers.
  3. Office 365, assuming you have the right version that allows desktop usage rights, allows installation on up to 5 devices for that particular user id. AFAIK for the standalone versions of Office 2013 MS have backtracked on it being tied to the hardware of the first machine it is installed on.
  4. website: website_id, url, name person: person_id, name, username, email person_website: person_id*, website_id* The underline indicates the primary key, the * means foreign key. Basically the person_website table is a joining table, it maps people to websites. You need to look up about relational database design and normalisation
  5. What version of CentOS? Run: yum provides "*/libmysqlclient_r.so.16" Which should tell you that it's the mysql-devel package you want to install. You don't want to go just chucking random files on there in the hope that something will work - that's the road to disaster and downtime. Cheers,
  6. Ambulance with the victim had gone by the time you posted this - unfortunately it didn't seem to be in any rush, which is either very good, or very bad - I fear the latter given the blood on the ground Our office looks right out on to it, but we didn't hear a thing, was only when I got up to go home that I noticed something was going on.
  7. Just to be pedantic, Virgin broadband still uses copper
  8. BT are a different issue, the reason ADSL2+ only comes with 21CN is due to the backhaul network and bandwidth being available - 20CN was based around ATM, ATM once above 622Mbit/s is very expensive for equipment - which means lower speed backhaul from exchanges. 21CN doesn't suffer from ATM, it uses Ethernet as its Layer 2 protocol, making interfaces far cheaper per Mbit than with ATM. Am aware of the ANFP and Exchange based VDSL
  9. ADSL2+ is a theoretical max of 24Mbit/s - but you'd have to be pretty much in the exchange to get it. ADSL maxes out at 8Mbit/s Anything above that is VDSL2 usually, as it is with Digital Region. No assumptions made that people don't have issues with other ISPs, the letter is specifically about an experience of Digital Region All modern line cards can handle ADSL through to VDSL these days. Most of them even mixed on the same line card, rather than having to have one card for ADSL, one for ADSL2+ and another for VDSL variants.
  10. Try http://www.formalandfabulous.co.uk at Staveley, they make them, so I assume they alter as well.
  11. Try http://www.formalandfabulous.co.ukat Staveley - they will make whatever you want, to fit you and at very reasonable prices (well, so my fiancée tells me), much cheaper than off the peg with a designer name attached.
  12. I have the 100m macro f2.8 and it is USM. Very good lens for non-L (there is an L version, but it's quite a bit more on top).
  13. Hi, We're struggling on a couple of last things for our wedding in December. The main two being finding someone decent for wedding cake and for the table decorations/chair covers etc. The problems we've had with cake have come down to great decoration/finish but don't like the cake (no choice given), or the choice of cake has been given (we want fruit cake) but the finish has been poor. We thought we were on to a winner with someone at Dore, but they seem very disorganised and given our wedding is 2 days after Christmas someone who is disorganised is not what we need. Table decorations etc. - Everyone we've seen has again been very disorganised or offered no help/creative input at all. TIA for any suggestions. Cheers,
  14. Should really keep my GoPro with me for that. Could fill many a DVD of it, especially along Furnival Gate/Arundel Gate.
  15. So it's not just other road users they endanger then it's their passengers as well. If I reported every time I'd had a near miss because of a bus pulling out in front of me, running a red light etc. I'd never stop writing to them and get any work done. They aren't even that bad in London.
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