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  1. Hi I need to find a private landlord with a 3 bed property with a drive and garden I'm new to this so don't know where to start
  2. please let me know because iv been feeling dizzy especially today
  3. hi does anyone on here know when the carboots close down for winter?
  4. wanting some floor tiles for kitchen wheres cheapest place for them
  5. how can the weather change that much in a day its boiling today ill believe it when i see it
  6. iv just read it the online stuff is still available crystal peaks is still open and they say that some changes are only temperary again (just the same as petrol) people are blowing everything out of proportion yes i agree the fact of dont buy a gift card incase you lose out but i dont see why people are borcotting as they are making it clear that they havnt closed just got rid of afew shops game station isnt part of game i asked yesterday just because they both sell the same think doesnt mean they are the same place
  7. when i went too meadowhall monday game station was open but game was closed
  8. why are both game shops in meadowhall closed ? are they referbing or closing for good
  9. it doesnt say springs ecademy either but i no he does them
  10. ill go up too peaks and see then sounds worth a trip
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