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  1. Try Hannah 07496577250, she can also do your website
  2. A friend of mine goes to the Peak District every weekend for hers. I will ask her. Here is the details of where she goes . https://en-gb.facebook.com/Tagg-Lane-Dairy-549719368390986/
  3. This is information for those who are interested in Networking Events. There will be an Event held in Sheffield this Sunday. See details here
  4. There will be a netwoking event this Sunday in Sheffield. Details here
  5. There is an event this Sunday in Sheffield. More information here I'm going so hopefully see you there
  6. They work with you to fit your budget.
  7. Yes ShadowLabs 07743925900 They build professional customized sites at reasonable price.
  8. Yes ShadowLabs 07743925900 They build professional customized sites at reasonable price.
  9. Hi The name doesn't fit the target audience. I think of a retirement apartment as being more suited with that name. A more age 23-45yrs group name would be more suitable. Something urban and catchy.
  10. Bookkeeping would be great as many struggle with it and find it difficult, myself included. If you were able to make it simple and easy to maintain. You can contact me if you are looking for a case study. I am struggling with that at the moment and cannot find any information that makes it simple enough. Marketing is just as important but there is alot of information out there.
  11. Just speaking from personal experience I would not recommend Yodel.
  12. Hi If you haven't had any luck so far., you could take it to these guys http://www.ehallam.com/. They are based in Walkley. You can give them a call to see if they could help they helped my sons friend with a similar problem.
  13. Just to let everyone know that Netheredge Spring Farmers Market is this Sunday, 13 March, 2016 between 12:00 -4:00pm on Netheredge Road.
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions and to say Many thanks to a very kind forumer, who has been very helpful. Really appreciate all your help.
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