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  1. like you said you dont know anything so dont comment
  2. yes there is, perhaps you should research the company before you defend them, the information is all out there
  3. also if atos and the dwp/goverment have nothing to hide why do they make everyone undertaking medicals on their behalf sign the official secrets act?
  4. why dont any of atos's examiners hold a Diploma in Disability Assessment Medicine? (The Diploma in Disability Assessment Medicine (DDAM) is a professional qualification for medical practitioners in the assessment of disability and is important for doctors undertaking work in relation to the award of state sickness and disability benefits) surely you would imagine this would be the bare minimum that is required rather than fast tracking midwifes to use a computer tick box system
  5. The problem with atos is they are not fit for purpose and neither is the computer system they rely on, how can a midwife or a nurse for that matter make decisions on some of the complex conditions that they are doing? they are simply not qualified the dwp has already made the decision to fail most of the people and atos is simply a smokescreen, this government has targeted the vulnerable in society, disabled, pensioners, students whilst giving the higher earners a tax cut, may i just say as well i was a conservative supporter however they really have targeted the wrong people
  6. Perhaps when you give up your proof reading job so a disabled person can have it
  7. Atos are fraudsters merely aimed at giving some credibility to the dwp's already predetermined outcome to any "medicals"
  8. I find it hard to be optimistic when sheff utd seem to have a habit of snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory
  9. our players look defeated already and this started with the court verdict it seems to have knocked the stuffing out of them
  10. some uf us have a life and dont sit on here bye then
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