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  1. Cutting a long story short, my 16 year old son and his mate went to the cinema last night on their scooters. Not wanting them to be stolen locked them to a lamp post to the rear area near the bowling alley, not obstructing the footpath. Came back and found a parking notice on the bikes. Others threads say dont pay!!!! Has anyone had a notice recently and not paid??? And could this company take two sixtenn year olds to court? There is no secure parking for them
  2. WhY dont you contact a Sgt Craig Charlesworth from the police. Im sure he was on the new deal police team and still works in the area. He is well known in the area and well receptive to community issues. 0114 2202020 :) or try 0114 2963913 ( office number )
  3. My wife has 14 hand gelding which is currently kept at chesterfield at her parents but due to their ill health she wants to bring it over to Mosborough area. Is there anyone out there that can point us in the right direction or has anywhere to rent thanks!!!!!!
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