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  1. It means no worries For the rest of your days It's our problem-free philosophy
  2. When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you
  3. I need a gangsta To love me better Than all the others do To always forgive me Ride or die with me That's just what gangsters do
  4. I got the Jailhouse Blues Just as blue as I can be My baby got a heart Like a rock in the bottom of the sea I got the Jailhouse Blues An it ain't no lie, lawd Lock on the door. I broke the law I got the Jailhouse Blues.
  5. Well, I never felt more like running away And why shouldn't I go 'Cause I couldn't stay without you You've got me singing the blues.
  6. I have a dream, a fantasy To help me through reality And my destination makes it worth the while Pushing through the darkness still another mile I believe in angels
  7. Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling. From glenn to glenn and down the mountain side
  8. Listen I was brought up on a side street I learned how to love before I could eat I was educated from good stock When I start lovin' I just can't stop I'm a soul man
  9. Say a little prayer, baby, 'fore you go to sleep Say a little prayer and give the lord thy soul to keep
  10. In my dreams I have a plan If I got me a wealthy man I wouldn't have to work at all
  11. Gold (gold) Always believe in your soul You've got the power to know You're indestructible, always believe in 'Cause you are gold (gold)
  12. Remember when the boys were all electric? Now when she tells she's gonna get it I'm guessing that she'd rather just forget it
  13. Don't tell me your troubles I got troubles of my own
  14. Whoa I think we can make it So don't misunderstand me You put the light in my life Oh you put the sparks to the flame I got your heart in my sights
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