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  1. James Cannon and Ian Illsey will be providing a night of It Irish folk and country music at The Nottingham House on Sat 15th Oct from 9pm. Free entry. Always playing up tempo and lively tunes, they will be playing traditional it is folk with some classics from the likes of the Pogues and Johnny Cash.
  2. On Saturday Feb 8th Jungle Lion return to the Notty House for an evening of packed sweaty skanking, with more than a hint of righteous Reggae in honour of Bob Marley's birthday (his birthday's actually on the 6th, but as his legacy RESONATES THROUGH HISTORY it's ok to have a party on the 8th) - we'll be playing a few of the great man's tunes mixed in with our usual belting SKA intensity. The gig is FREE, but we will be encouraging everyone to chuck in a voluntary donation of £2 on the door that will be given to help fund Peace in the Park and Sharrow Festival. Get your most absorbent dancing pants on, we'll see you on the 8th!
  3. The plan for the fundraiser so far is to have live music from 7pm - midnight followed by DJ s. The acoustic acts and bands will cover a wide range of musical styles and be playing 30 or 45 min sets. It will be free entry but we are asking for donations on the door to raise money for peace in the park. 100% of all the money raised goes towards the cost of putting on the festival. The festival its self is an annual free festival celebrating creativity, unity and understanding within the Sheffield community. The aim is to work towards peace and solidarity by bringing communities together through artistic, musical and vocal expression. Peace in the Park has been running since 2003 and each year collects money for nominated charities. This years festival will be at Ponderosa Park on 8th June from midday till 9pm. More information about the festival including how to get involved can be found at our website - http://www.peaceinthepark.org.uk/ LIVE MUSIC Fletcher Dervish alternative funk fusion http://fletcherdervish.bandcamp.com/ Spit n Strings n Moody Mutterings 5 piece hip hop band http://www.facebook.com/spit.n.strings?ref=ts&fref=ts Don't Sleep Dream alternative indie rock http://dontsleepdream.bandcamp.com/ Pro-VERB acoustic, lyrical hip hop http://www.facebook.com/officialproverb Carl 'on fire' Watkins Kung Fu style blues DJ's Crazyleaf Shifty Disco Victor Vallance Mulaga Tony The Nottingham House, 164, Whitham Road Broomhill S10 2SR Nottingham House has great home made pies, real ale, cool music and friendly atmosphere. Look out for our Sound System Carnival https://www.facebook.com/events/352096858242219/ http://www.facebook.com/thenottyhouse
  4. Hey there, we are looking for a couple more players for the Notty House pool team on monday nights. There may also be some weds games if anyone keen, Just get in contact through http://www.facebook.com/thenottyhouse or message me Cheers Cax
  5. first tuesday of every month Sequiao hold the Hot Pot at The Notty House, Broomhill. http://www.facebook.com/thenottyhouse
  6. Making the trip from Leeds for our pleasure The soul circle gang shall be getting us into the saturday night groove. "The Soul Circle Gang is creating something that is fresh and exciting. The music is fearless with experimentation and improvisation but well contained through solid song writing; communicating a real love of music." Drawing influence from soul, reggae, funk and jazz, a lively and vibrant performance not to be missed! I've even provided a couple of links for yourselves to have a little sample of what they're all about!! http://www.myspace.com/thesoulcirclegang http://www.thesoulcirclegang.co.uk
  7. Highway Child are returning to The Notty Playing the best soul, blues and funk tunes to make sure you're all up on your feet dancing! So don't miss it! We urge you to come and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere and maybe even turn up early to try one of the legendary Notty Homemade pies. The band will be kicking off shortly after 9pm As always its FREE people!! FREE
  8. On the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the Month, The Notty House hosts The Changing Room, A Different genre of music/performance every half hour. The Stage is free for people to showcase there talents whatever they may be, whether this is live music, djing, comedy, short stories, or anything else weird and wonderful. The night is hosted by Pete Dangerous. If you would like to get involved, get in contact via facebook, http://www.facebook.com/thenottyhouse
  9. Hey there, I came on here before taking on the Notty in Febuary, to try and see what peoples thoughts on the place were, and got some interesting feedback. Just thought I would see if anyone had any thoughts on it at the moment, and if they've tried it out again? Things definately going the right way, and it seems that most people are happy to use it as a pub again. The pies are back in full force, and if you haven't tried one def worth doing so. Live music is on every saturday, unless bands let me down, which has happened a little to often for my liking, Dj's on most fridays, and quiz on a monday. I think broomhill in general is a lot quieter than say 5 years ago, and this does have a lot to do with less students using it. Any thoughts appreciated.
  10. Sat 3rd- Highway Child- Soul, funk and blues, offering an energetic and exciting experience- Sat 10th- Soul Circle Gang- A blending of musical styles including world, jazz, funk, soul and reggae to create a new and exciting sound. Sat 17th- Jungle Lion (re-arranged date)- Sheffield's own Ska sensations- Sat 1st dec- Cosmic Funky Nuts- They're funky,they're Cosmic and they're Nuts. Simples. Sat 8th dec- The Tempertons- Real songs, real horns, real grooves Enjoy the tightest bestest funk and soul in Sheffield. Sat 15th Dec- Grey Cooper Love Party- A little bit of Christmas Funk All free!! To keep up to date on other events like us on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/thenottyhouse
  11. For those of you who have seen the Balkan Bandits you already know this will be a spectacle not to be missed!!! Sheffields very own brass, cabaret, wailing and oom pahing troupe of troubadours... guaranteeing a huge slice of balkan, klezmer cheese, enough to satisfy even the hungriest vegan! Formed as the house band to NaZdrove, Sheffield's DJ balkan knees up, they come in various guises...here to kidnap your good muzical taste. Having played Peace in the Park, and Sheftival they are trully proving popular and an act not to be missed. As always entry is free!! Bands coming soon to the Notty House Jungle Lion Tempertons Soul Circle Gang James Cannon and the Sinners Jacks Rake Dexter Dexterous http://www.facbook.com/thenottyhouse
  12. Buried in the roots of rock n roll, blues and whatever came before is Soldier Blue. Sheffield’s steel walls have been taking a hammering since the formation of this rock n roll outfit in early 2010, leaving a blaze of riffage, irreverence and revelry in their wake. Between winning the Exposed Magazine sponsored Battle of the Bands to land a spot on Sheffield’s hugely acclaimed Tramlines festival and a television appearance on Mind The Gap, Soldier Blue have been turning heads from all sides of their home town with their live ferocity that burns with all of the rhythm and blues sensibilities of days gone by and their own modern edge. “One of the best live bands in the country without a shadow of a doubt!” Joe Amphlett – LBC Radio “Fusing the traditional sounds of on the genre [rock n roll] with a modern approach leaves them riding high in the slipstream left behind by bands such as the White Stripes and the Black Keys.” Exposed Magazine
  13. Tyburn ( original rock with a folk edge) and earthtales( folk, rock and a hint of psychedelia) shall being performing @the notty house this friday, in Mike barritt memorial gig. The bands shall be starting from 9pm, and there may be a little singaround at tea time!! http://www.facebook.com/thenottyhouse
  14. Hey everyone. Thought it would be interesting to hear people's opinion on the change of pubs in Broomhill recently? Within the last 12 months or so, the york, south seas and Notty have changed hands, the fox and duck has changed hands this week and word is that the Place will be changing to a scream bar before the end of summer. With so many changes most of the drinkers of Broomhill will have been affected in some way. Broomhill in general seems to be suffering right now, with less students congressing in the area generally, and stories of rent price hikes forcing businesses out. Any thoughts would be interesting?
  15. Bootscraper are making the trip down from Leeds this weekend, and they are bringing their energetic live show with them!!! A mix of county, balkan, punk, sea shanty, rockabilly, bluegrass, folk, gypsy and blues music means that there is no audience regardless of age, background or taste that can resist the musical charms of their wild and truly original sound. As always entry is free!! http://www.facebook.com/thenotty 01143270508
  16. Tin bath and friends are holding an Irish folk session at The Nottingham House this Thursday from 8pm. All most welcome to come along and join in. http://www.facebook.com/thenotty 01143270508
  17. Dexter dextrous and the fingermiths @ The Notty House, Sat 2nd June Dexter Dextrous & The Fingersmiths are a six-piece funk & ska band from Leeds who have been causing musical havoc together for four years. We aim to bring a fierce and funkified intermingling of musical styles, served with a healthy dose of enigmatic theatricality, that’s so far left people up and down the country wiggling their hips and moving their lips in praise. Funk forms the core of our collective creative spirit and, as the band has progressed, it’s become our bread and butter; laced with a sonic weave of reggae & ska, old-school r’n’b and dance hall swing. Certainly, there’s a handle for anyone, and if our crowds over the years have shown us anything, it’s that they love to dance. We’ve played at numerous festivals, including Kendal Calling, Solfest and Landed, so the summer circuit is always a highlight of our year, and 2012 promises to be no different. We also put on an extremely successful tendate, thousand mile tour of the UK in July 2011, to promote our first, selftitled, EP and a second tour in February this year to promote our new EP, “All Talk”, which is included here for your listening pleasure. You can also follow this link ( ) to watch our brand-spanking-new music video and see the band in action. “Dexter Dextrous and the Fingersmiths are a band who fully embrace both mischief and melodrama... and have built a formidable reputation thanks to a good debut EP and infamously chaotic live shows.” - No-Title Magazine, Leeds, Feb 2012 “A downright funky outfit, full of true entertainers with great songs to boot. Anyone with an ounce of rhythm in their bones will dance to every beat… So check them out now!” - Kendal Calling, July 2011 Links and Contacts: http://www.facebook.com/dexterdextrousandco http://www.myspace.com/dexterdextrousandco Twitter: @dexterdextrous Dexterdextrousandco@gmail.
  18. Just a little reminder that James and the sinners are playing this saturday night! shold be entertaining!
  19. Hey there, I am currently in the process of getting bands together for tramlines weekend at the Notty house in broomhill, and thought it might be worth putting out there to see if there are any bands looking for gigs? If you could send me a link to one of your band pages then can have a listen and hopefully get you on. cathallangan@hotmail.co.uk cheers cax
  20. Hey there, I am looking for a few players for the weds night pool league for the Nottingham house pool team. The league starts in a couple of weeks, and could do with a few more players. If interested please pm me, or get in contact via facebook http://www.facebook.com/thenottyhouse
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