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  1. Tenants will only have a home for life if their circumstances do not change and we all know that everyone's circumstances change at some time. My tenants only move on when their needs outgrow what I can supply. Unless you are advocating that councils build extensions on to existing housing to accommodate larger families I don't think that your argument holds water.
  2. Ahh. I guess because my ad is free I don't get that option. Or am I wrong. There is nothing at the bottom of the page to facilitate my adding photo's. Do I need to withdraw the ad. and then post a new one, Paid for or free.
  3. I have noticed that some adverts have photos with attachment written beside them can anyone tel me how this is done please?
  4. I have to agree with Mafya and Geared. Good Landlords will be penalised for the inaction in just five properties that have been investigated. I was at the so called consultation because I have a property that I let and was interested in the process, though my property is in a different area. The reason I wrote so called consultation is because it was virtually an announcement of intention. The meeting was badly organised and the council officers ill prepared. Having said that some of the participants were domineering in their manner and also prevented others from having their questions answered. The so called private housing support team are confrontative and persecutory in their manner. There is a serious problem with this department in the council. They even had an illustration of the recently built magnificent Mosque on the expensive booklet they produced and which is actually outside the area designated for selective licensing. On the other hand the fact that there are five properties in a very small area that are in a serious state of disrepair and tenanted is a disgrace to private housing. On the buying up of properties Where is this money to come from, Central government has cut back and cut back so much that we now have a skeleton staff for most council departments and wait 20 minutes or more for the telephone to be answered. A conservative government will not provide funds for houses to be purchased and the council certainly does not have the funding to do so. Funny though how they always have money for posh booklets printed up in excess and inaccurate at that. ---------- Post added 18-08-2018 at 23:12 ---------- What are you on? Councils, really don't have enough housing stock or staff to provide short term lets for migrant workers.
  5. Perhaps I should have asked did you bother to read it.
  6. Jewish Voice for Labour shared a post. 8 hrs · Mike Cushman 8 hrs <<An app operated as part of an Israeli government propaganda campaign issued a “mission” for social media users to make comments against Labour Party leader Je... See more ELECTRONICINTIFADA.NET Israel running campaign against Jeremy Corbyn Israeli government app falsely attributes "anti-Semitic" comments to Corbyn. The Act.IL app on Sunday falsely accused Corbyn of comparing Israel to Nazi Germany in a 2010 meeting which had been resurfaced by The Times last week. The “mission” was documented in this Tweet by Michael Bueckert, a Canadian researcher who has been monitoring the app since last year. Israel’s official propaganda app is promoting comments against @jeremycorbyn on @HuffPostUK. Strangely, these comments claim there is NOT a history of anti-semitism in the Labour Party... blaming antisemitism solely on Corbyn’s “anti-Israel” statements? #JeremyCorbyn pic.twitter.com/3Uqq5OGRjR — Behind Israel's Troll Army (@AntiBDSApp) August 5, 2018 I have been using Facebook more recently this is a post taken from my feed.
  7. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/local-housing-allowance-lha-rates-applicable-from-april-2017-march-2018 gives the local rates for housing and rent allowances for a shared property. Sheffield BRMA Shared Accommodation Rate:£64.41 per week Downloads about the Sheffield Broad Rental Market Area (BRMA): BRMA map (the area where this LHA rate applies)(675.0 KB, (PDF)) Information about the BRMA (900.2 KB, (PDF)) List of Rents - view a graph of the rents used to set the LHA rate for Sheffield
  8. Unfortunately Dry eye syndrome is suffered by many people even when they have not had surgery. I have had the problem for several years and use eye drops to counter it. I have found it best to use the ones without preservative, which you can get from Morrisons or Asda maybe other supermarkets too as well as local pharmacies. I had a ptosis Op. on one eye last year and found the problem recurred. When I have used the drops for several weeks for three or four times daily I find the problem resolves itself. unfortunately it recurrs if I am ill, or if I am out in the wind, so I have drops available most of the time. The drops come in .1% and .3% so Note what you pick up and which is effective for you. I find the ones with preservative in irritate my eyes. I hope this helps.
  9. If my memory serves me correctly the staff and pupils of De La Salle were transferred down to the newly renamed All Saints in 76. Just for the record some of us don't share your opinions. One of the benefits of this was that All Saints inherited some first class staff and on the whole the pupils education benefited. Ingrained into me via this system was fairness, integrity, respect and belief in a universal inclusion, maybe I was one of the lucky ones. You certainly were. I was one of the first intake at All Saints( which was then St Paul's) The school was then streamed which meant Pupils could move from one subject to another according to their ability. However the Teacher in charge of my main class did nothing to encourage us Lower Orders to take the offered GCE, if I remember correctly only one girl put up her hand when we were asked who would like to take the exam. The System(the grammar school 11 plus) had told most of us that we were no hopers. I finally got to university in my late 40s. I do wonder what I would have been doing if I had taken the exams proper and not just the mocks that we were all later forced to do. I got a pass in everything but maths. To stay on topic. St Vincent's church in my opinion was never a thing of beauty from the outside. I never went inside it myself but used the nearby youth club. The pictures on the internet, of the inside, do not seem to say that it was remarkably different to any other Catholic church. Preserving something that has no function does not seem to make sense if it has no particular architectural interest. Having said that the one objection that I have read is from an Architect's business and they object on the grounds of the proposed height of the buildings surrounding the present one presenting a Right to Light issue for their business which is a technical point. Also there seems to be some discrepancy in the stated heights of other buildings in the area, which is a conservation area and by rights should have buildings "in Keeping" which seems reasonable enough if the character of an area is worth preserving. The question is, Is it worth preserving?
  10. Am I to take this to mean that you believe the Nuclear Industry spokespersons to be impartial? Or is it that you prefer to read and listen to opinions that agree with your current viewpoint. Incidentally There was a news report a couple of days ago about increased costs of decommissioning.
  11. I shall ignore your claim that I was ranting in the same way that you ignored what you thought was ranting. I don't believe that I mentioned Windfarms. Trying to stay on topic seems to be not one of the strengths of participants on this thread. The topic is Fracking. I am not trying to ignore the dangers in other industries. There are dangers in all industries even cheesemaking and production of essential oils. But they don't have potentially catastrophic effects on whole villages towns or cities. If you are interested in Nuclear versus Green energy read this. http://energypost.eu/renewable-energy-versus-nuclear-dispelling-myths/
  12. These were work accidents that were associated with the industry. The Lawyers specialise in Workplace injuries. The point is if they are so careless about their employees welfare while onsite how much less are they going to care about people who will find it more difficult to prove that they are culpable when the toxins get into the water table. This will be the same story we heard from Mining, Tobacco, Asbestos and other industries where toxins are present. Deny, Deny, Deny. Denial all the way. ---------- Post added 25-03-2017 at 16:40 ---------- The waste incineration in Sheffield heated all of Parkhill flats and Hyde park Flats. as well as some local government offices surely that is a bigger benefit than size reduction alone. I am not sure where the heat is directed now but I am sure you can find out if you want to put some time into that instead of trying to tear off strips of flesh from people on here. ---------- Post added 25-03-2017 at 18:00 ---------- What is the total cost per KWH for Nuclear. inclusive of building the plant cost of fuel, disposal of spent fuel including transport, decommissioning of plant and security throughout the whole shebang. The price you pay at the meter is not the whole cost it is heavily subsidised by government, That means you and me through taxes. I this can be done for nuclear it can b e done for other energy production means too. But it would seem they would rather have the Chinese in charge of our energy production, or the French, or the Spanish, anyone but British companies. That way the profit goes out of the country when there is some and you can bet there is less tax paid on it too. I wonder how many Conservative MPs have their sticky little fingers in these hot pies.
  13. Fracking LawyerFracking In The USAWhat is Fracking?REPORT A CASE Call Ostroff Injury Law - Logo at (855) 880-6667 HomeFracking Royalty FraudFracking ChemicalsEnvironmental RisksFracking EquipmentFracking Lawsuits Why Is Worksite Safety Such a Low Priority in the Fracking Industry? Some occupations are inherently more dangerous than others. A NASCAR driver faces greater risks than a member of his pit crew, and that mechanic in turn has a riskier job than a librarian watching the race as a spectator. But risks are relative, and they can be managed. Government and industry generally agree to act to minimize workplace dangers, even for relatively hazardous jobs. But then we consider the hydraulic fracturing industry. Fracking is unlike other mining operations: all the personnel are above ground in the open air. You would think that careful safety precautions could make this a relatively low-risk job, in comparison to other industrial operations. And you would be wrong. Occupational deaths in the oil and gas extraction industry have been running around 27.5 per 100,000 workers, a total that is more than seven times the death rate for U.S. workers on average. What makes fracking jobs so often deadly? Energy industry workers perform physically demanding labor using heavy—and sometimes dangerous—equipment. Is this why fracking is a fatal job all too frequently? A study the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) suggests otherwise. The researchers found that the most common fatality for energy workers was traffic accidents, followed by being struck by an object. Other causes of death varied according to the role played by the worker—contractor, well servicing company employee, or operator. The study also found that workers employed by small companies have five times the fatality rate as workers from large companies. One response to this new concern about worker fatalities in the energy sector was a sharply worded letter from the heads of the AFL-CIO, the United Steelworkers, and the United Mine Workers to three key federal agonies. The labor organizations demand that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) take immediate steps to improve safety for energy extraction workers. It urges the agencies to issue a joint “hazard alert” to highlight safety and health risks in the fracking industry, with a special focus on silica exposures. Meanwhile, industry injuries continue to pile up At the same time the labor industry was appealing for greater government oversight, a poorly maintained tanker truck carrying fracking chemicals crashed in Colorado, forcing the closure of a highway and the deployment of a hazardous materials team to handle the release. And just days earlier, two workers in Texas were injured when a hydraulic fracturing tank exploded. Incidents such as these remind us that the general public is also placed at risk when the fracking industry neglects fundamental safety procedures. We have been too trusting that the energy industry will be able and willing to adopt strict safety measures. It seems that trust was misplaced. Stronger government regulation might be helpful, but it seems unlikely that the political climate in Washington DC or Harrisburg will allow a significant strengthening of rules governing energy companies in the near future. With fracking expanding across Pennsylvania—and now moving from rural areas to cities—the dimensions of the crisis are growing. Addressing the problem, one incident at a time If we can’t rely on industry or government to act in the public interest (at least in the short term), then the only option left is to respond to incidents as they arise. Fortunately, in Pennsylvania we have the resources of the only Frackcident™ law firm in America. Ostroff Injury Law has helped victims of fracking accidents—at work sites and on the highways—across the Marcellus Shale region. At Ostroff Injury Law, our Pennsylvania fracking injury lawyers are ready to investigate your injury case to determine who is at fault and what compensation they owe you. Fracking companies are making huge profits as they tear up our land, destroy our environment, and injure our workers and neighbors. They must be held accountable. Call Jon Ostroff today at (855) 880-6667 or fill in the online form to get a FREE, no-obligation evaluation of your case. Still think there is no problem. This is fact. When American Lawyers think they can make a profit from injury there is a problem. The newspaper items I found did not give enough breakdown of the accidents in the oil and gas industry. Given the current government and it's cutbacks do you really think this industry will be properly monitored for safetywhen they cannot even run the country's prisons properly and The hospitals are overflowing because wards have been closed while the population continues to grow and people live longer.
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