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  1. Hi so I've been offered a property on winn gardens,it's a 3 bedroomed I currently live in a 2 bed maisonette in stannington with 3 children. I just wondered if anyone lives on winn gardens or knows anyone that does and is it as bad as people say it is? Thanks
  2. hello i have 5 bridesmaid dresses that need taking up as are too long and also straps taking off one of the dresses my wedding is july, can anyone recommend someone i am in s6 area but can travel if reasonable distance ive looked at the prices of some shops and just out of my budget i don't want anything for free or cheap but are unreasonable when the dresses themselves were 30 pounds each if anyone can help please get back to me thank you
  3. hi I am wanting a dress maker plus quotes in Sheffield or surrounding areas,ive chosen dress I want with a dress maker but she lives in durham and now decided its too far £108 on the train and if I have to go a few times it will be expensive. I don't think anyone will beat the quote she gave me as it was fabulous but can stretch budget abit.i need the dress by 4th july 2015 if anyone can recommend someone or could do it please reply or send me a message thank you
  4. thanks for the advice I have now booked my wedding at swfc
  5. hi I was just wondering if anyone has got married down at Hillsborough and how much deposit was is it a set amount or percentage and how quick do they need it going too look round next week but thinking about it is driving me mad lol and secondly how was your day did they do everything to your needs? thank you
  6. its my birthday soon and going into town with a group of friends only not sure what club to go to as embrace gone really down hill where i usually go were into rnb dance and chart music butopen to any suggestions thanks
  7. when i go on facebook on my blackberry and go on 2 places to update it , it always says location unavalible does anyone had the same problem or no what it could be ????
  8. hi its my birthday soon and as one of my presents my boyfriend is wanting to pay for us to have some family portraits done off me on my own me and my boyfriend together,me my son and boyfriend together and my son and boyfriend together as you can see we want a few done that are natural etc.ive looked on google at photographers on google but so expensive its like £80+ just for 1 photo and as were wanting quite a few its gong to be extremly expensive which we cant really afford so was wondering if anyone knows anywere thats quite cheap i dont mind having like 4 photos then having rest on a disc that i can get printed off suggestions will be really appriecated as ive set my heart on having these done thanks xx:help:
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