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  1. Hi, There is a starting Knit and Natter group in The Learning Zone/Library in Parson Cross (opposite the big Asda). It's in the library every Saturday from 11.00 tot 12.30. I've been twice there and it's really nice and friendly.
  2. I hope so Knitting is always a nice subject I think.
  3. Hi Rae, Congratulations on your new grandson. Did you find a knitting group meanwhile? At the moment I only know about a group in Parson Cross but that might be too far for you? It's there every Saturday in the Learning Zone/Library from 11.00 - 12.30. Take care.
  4. Hi, I'm not doing it myself but browsing the internet on this subject (as I didn't know what telar knitting is), I think it's quite interesting. Maybe one day I will give it a go Here I found some free patterns: https://www.knittingboard.com/free-downloadable-knitting-board-patterns/
  5. Hi, I'm sorting out my stash of wool.... Can I make someone happy with (all different kinds of) yarn and wool? They come from a smoke free home. If so, please PM me. It would be great if you can collect it from S35. Knitting greetings! ---------- Post added 01-06-2016 at 14:48 ---------- All gone now. Thanks
  6. Still it might be worth ringing the company as there are decent and genuine taxi drivers too. Recently I took a taxi late at night and put my full bag on the floor next to my legs. My camera dropped out of my bag, unknown to me, and I discovered this the next morning. So I rang the company and heard the driver had found my camera and took it to their office.
  7. The magazines go to a new home now Thanks.
  8. Thanks. I'll send you a private message
  9. Hi, I have a pile of Machine Knitting magazines from the time I intended to learn machine knitting (which I never really came to due to a lack of space). Is there someone who would like to have these magazines? If so, you can fetch them from Sheffield north for free. Thanks.
  10. Hi Moonfire, I use a CD wallet for storing circular needles.
  11. Looks really nice. I'll mention this in our knitting group.
  12. Hi, I know it's short notice but a woman in Deepcar has put her knititng machine and Hague linker outside for the garbage-collector. All is working and has manuals. She also has loads of 1-ply yarn. (She knows that I am going to see if there's anyone who wants to have it). If you're interested, PM me and I'll give you her phone number. The problem is that, apart from the yarn, all will be taken away tomorrow, Monday. 'Bami'
  13. Hi, just wondered is anyone of you have heard about 'Open Coffee' events? It's a kind of socialising: Anyone is invited to go to a certain spot (pub, cafe etc.), to drink a coffee/tea and meet other people. It could take place once a month, on the same place or on different places. The main point is the social factor, so it's not for dating or special grpups. Anyone can come, grab a chair and come sitting with the others and take part in the conversations. I've read about it going on abroad, but haven't found anything like this on this forum. Thanks.
  14. Thanks! Sounds very interesting to me. I'll mention in in our Knit & Chat (plus Crochet) Group.
  15. Hi Dlwox, I've just sent you a PM.
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