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  1. The Old Bowling Green, Winster and The Crispin, Great Longstone.
  2. Sidelights are parking lights and should be only used as such - I'm not talking about the 'daylights' that many newer cars have as they are designed for the job - they are a good thing. This idea that 'I can see' over rides 'I can be seen' smacks of driving without due care and attention. I see parking lights being used and even cars without any lights showing in the filthiest of weather conditions. I don't get it!
  3. After the last two 'performances' down at Sheffield 6, I wouldn't be surprised if it was DJ!
  4. Having an autistic grandson these suggestions are great. Thank you!
  5. It's a pretty well known camera is that one on Penistone Road - just like the one on the Parkway coming in to town ( 40mph). Most cars get down to 30mph knowing that it's there. It is visible and well signed. I don't think that appealing will bear fruit!
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