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  1. not many people go to the tip? Have you ever seen the queues to get in there:loopy:
  2. its also the call centre for the bin men who got over 300 complaints:gag:
  3. My partner works in the telephone office for these recycling sites. belive It or not blackstock had 48 compliments last year and 0 complaints. Between all sites there was only 2 complaints for the whole 2013 so the lads cant be all that bad
  4. ye and thats why you in a 3rd world country giving food to the starving:loopy:
  5. i use to love throwing water bombs at cars from 15th floor but the best thing was waiting for someone to walk up the stairs n spitting a dirty greenie on them from the top then running like <removed> LOL the joy ov been 10 year old on a classic estate
  6. Is there any who can fix my xperia play lcd witch has had a very bad smash thanks for your help
  7. were can i sell Pokemon cards i have a big bag full thank you for your help
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