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  1. It does have an irony though..... or was it a mischievous council worker employed to put the flag up and then take a photo so that it went viral ?
  2. darylslinn

    Winter weather thread 2018/2019

    Basically.... four seasons in one day ?
  3. darylslinn

    Greggs Charging For Sitting in Shop

    With McDonalds I believe it is something to do with how the VAT is charged for either eating in or taking away, the price does remain the same.... Gregg's however appears to be totally different.
  4. darylslinn

    The IKEA in Sheffield thread

    Daim Cake !!!!
  5. darylslinn

    Archaeological Dig behind Decathlon

    One good thing from this development is that the Porter Brook is opened up and made a focal point running through the area.
  6. darylslinn

    Football Fans Parking Herries Road

    It does make me wonder how the local area can support this, enough shops on Hillsborough are already closed and we still have a couple of units empty on Kilner Way, so how does this make sense ? Added traffic to an already congested area add 20,000 plus around on a match day with very little in the way of car parking, but then again i suppose it will get passed as the council will receive good money from the rates charged.
  7. darylslinn

    New Ventures in Hillsborough

    How long has Superdrug been closed, down Hillsborough ?
  8. darylslinn

    St Peters Machon Bank

    My parents married there, I was christened there and went to cubs there too. I was gutted to see it go.
  9. darylslinn

    New Ventures in Hillsborough

    The old pet place is going to become a micro pub !
  10. darylslinn

    Kilner Way Retail Park thread

    I wonder effect what the proposed retail park opposite the Wednesday ground will have on Kilner Way. A couple of drive thru food/drink units... an Aldi/Lidl store and other units. Apart from the added traffic in the area, will it house more empty units ?
  11. darylslinn

    Speed limit on Penistone Road

    Spot on, it's a busy road all along with traffic joining not just from road junctions but from factories, shops and car showrooms etc. Add in the cycle lanes and lack of pedestrian crossing points in some places and you have a cocktail for carnage if the speed was ever increased. I can't remember how many accidents I have seen over the years on the stretch from Rutland Road to Herries Road South.
  12. What a fantastic little project, I will ask around for fabrics, cottons etc. T-shirts with prints on the front make great cushion covers.... they are pretty quirky too.
  13. darylslinn

    Steam trains through Sheffield 2019

    LMS Class 5MT 4-6-0 no 45212
  14. darylslinn

    Farfield Inn, Neepsend Lane.

    The doors were open a few weeks ago and some stuff looked like it was being cleared out.
  15. darylslinn

    M1 north meadowhall, traffic lights

    It's been shocking again since the lights went back on, I really don't understand how they choose which junctions to light control because this one worked so much better without the lights.
  16. darylslinn

    M1 north meadowhall, traffic lights

    I've been through them everyday this week at around 4.45pm and the traffic has been flowing better than ever. Drivers are taking care and letting others out of junctions and their is no stop start as you get around the roundabout. All of the lights are out all the way around the roundabout.
  17. darylslinn

    Factory end of claywheels lane

    Just a secure factory protecting it's assets.
  18. I'll say one thing about Hillsborough Exchange / Precinct though and that is they've never had a charity shop open up in there. All it needs is another big name retailer such as M&S Food to open up in the area and easier access to car parking and the place once again will thrive.
  19. Farm Foods has been closed since September and is now a Sue Ryder charity shop.... and the funky young things are buying up Kelham Island and Shalesmoor.
  20. darylslinn

    Traffic around meadowhall 28/12/18

    People back at work... rush hour... just a normal day around that area to be honest.
  21. darylslinn

    Sir michael palin

    We're Knights of the Round Table...... So proud of this legendary Sheffielder. Arise Sir Michael !
  22. darylslinn

    Traffic around meadowhall 28/12/18

    It sort of adds to the old corner shop scenario of 'Open All Hours'. People need to stop living in the past. On one thread you get complaints on the constant stream of chuggers in the city centre and the quality of shops and many charity shops. And on another thread the complaints of how they wouldn't visit Meadowhall if it was the last place on Earth. If the council or British Land had built a market hall around Meadowhall then things would be different.
  23. darylslinn

    Has Hendersons Relish changed?

    Our taste buds change as we get older.....
  24. It's a strange little building isn't it. If the wording on the front of the building wasn't there then I think nobody would really be too bothered if the building was lost. It's the wording and style of the wording that makes it a stand out building in my eyes.

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