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  1. I don't cycle either of those routes and to be honest having driven the Sheffield Road route many, many times I don't think I would want to cycle that route... agree with all of the above Bargepole23. The good thing is though the road is wide enough I believe to take a segregated cycle lane as long as they do something about the trucks outside Newell's. As for the canal path in the dark, i'd be in the canal !
  2. Ssssshhh "Wallace"..... It's a red light jumper cam !
  3. Damn, we'd only just cleared the last lot !
  4. The old bus station may make a perfect site to build a new City Centre Arena which the council were intent on doing at some stage over the past few years and closing the money pit down Attercliffe way.
  5. I heard from a friend in the area, some bloke wandering around waving an axe !
  6. Knock down the Crucible, Lyceum and Central Library and place a bus station there..... only joking..... but then again knowing this council.
  7. Am I right in my assumption 'Nightrider' that for cyclists coming into the City which I believe is the main aim... a cross City route is of no real benefit to a cyclist ?
  8. My dad was born on Coleford Road to George and Janet Slinn.... opposite the Vicarage.
  9. Barclays branch at Hillsborough is to close in mid December.
  10. I've not been around there for a while but Google Earth is still showing the bison in situ at Magna dated April 2019. Magna Bison
  11. This is no secret as the Scarborough Spa, Spa Lift and Whitby Pavilion have been looked after now for a few years by SCT / SIV. They have also in the last few days handed the venues back to their respective local councils, so that these venues are no longer a burden on Sheffield CC.... however the mothballed Sheffield Arena and City Hall will still need a cash injection to reopen them when the time comes. Which asks the question is it time they sold these venues off to a concert promoter / agency to run and let the council get on with the business of running the City ?
  12. The railway line that passed under Normanton Hill still has the bridge abutments in place, as you come up the hill the line passed where the last house on the right is before the climb the wall on the left hand side of the road here is the top of what was the bridge. As a kid in the early 80's we used to play around the abandoned mine area before the whole area was levelled and filled in..... little did we know back then.
  13. Looked and sounded superb over Hillsborough. Then banked and went around towards the City Centre.
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