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  1. Stagecoach only withdrew from the East Midlands railway franchise because they failed to meet pension obligations... at the end of their franchise holding they handed the trains back to the leasing company and a majority of staff were taken on by Abellio East Midlands who are running the franchise now. No asset stripping took place as the assets weren't really theirs in the first place.
  2. A flight took off from Stanstead this morning carrying nappies, baby food and bedding... clothing is not the issue, food and things we take for granted everyday. Toothpaste, sanitary products and baby products.
  3. And from the drawings i've seen it won't ever reopen to traffic.
  4. The negative to any redevelopment of the area is the access. The road leading in to the site has to pass under a narrow railway bridge.
  5. And in 12 months time they will be closing the branch stating a drop in footfall.... which considering their hours have shortened is not a surprise. Getting clever with their excuses for closing branches now are the banks. It's clever what you can do with statistics.
  6. A steam locomotive from the West Coast Railway pool heads through the region the Sunday 6th March. The Peaks Express From Preston via the Hope Valley route to Sheffield (brief stop) to Chesterfield and around the East Midlands. Dore - 14:59 Sheffield - 15:05 Nunnery - 15:15 Darnall - 15:20 Woodhouse - 15:24 Beighton - 15:26 Barrow Hill - 15:33 (Water stop) Chesterfield - 16:12 1Z53 Preston - Derby Return Chesterfield - 18:36 Dore South Jcn - 18:50 (The return takes the Hope Valley route via the Dore West Curve and not through Sheffield. 1Z54 Derby - Preston
  7. Love it... we all feel your pain
  8. Just enough day light... hopefully. https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:U53061/2022-02-12/detailed Linky thing, thanks @Lemmy117
  9. It would have been noce to have been around when Sheffield Midland had the overall roof.
  10. As long as the land mark building doesn't look as bland as all the new structures that have cropped up of late. The HSBC building makes me think of some European building from the 80's
  11. But if Meadowhall was slap bang in the heart of the City, covering the area from the Pinstone Street frontage back up past John Lewis / Coles towards Charter Square and up Division Street, would people shop there that don't shop there now ?
  12. I'm 100% with you Colin on this... people these days have no morals and can't stand being told what to do if it doesn't favour them.
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