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  1. I can't see my employer or many other employers putting in shower facilities so that people can cycle to work.
  2. We have nowhere to reroute as all the other roads around that area have now been blocked off ! Are the government going to give me a deal to buy an e-bike then to use this cycle way.... what a waste of government money.
  3. I am aware of at least two ambulances being stuck in this area today alone, one has been filmed with the paramedic and a bystander physically having to move the barriers so the ambulance could get down the cycle lane, with the paramedic then running in front of the ambulance to move the cones further up the road. Badly, instigated and planned. And no i'm not anti-cyclist and no I am not able to cycle or walk to work . It is 14 miles from door to door for me, a journey on three buses (if they aren't full) and an added hour (each way) to my journey, time which neither I nor my family can afford to lose. Quote from The Star - 23rd April 2019 Coun Jack Scott, cabinet for transport and development, denied the report was lacking in detail and said: “This scheme will at worst maintain air quality in that area and at best improve air quality in that area. “I’m quite clear that I need to take action, which will sometimes be controversial, to improve air quality but this is not an air quality scheme. “I’ve heard people say it is not sustainable – which is understandable but I’ve not heard anyone say it will be bad for pedestrians or cyclists. “The stark challenges we face in our city cannot be avoided…but a scheme that improves bus times and makes it safer for pedestrians is absolutely what we should be doing.”
  4. If this is a temporary restriction then what is the cost of the work involved, signage, line painting cones/bollards etc ? Surely in these times of austerity this is an expense an already stretched council can not afford. Add to this the delays to emergency vehicles as I witnessed today with an ambulance taking nearly over five minutes to clear the section between The Shakespeare public house and the Netherthorpe Road roundabout basically because the vehicles stuck in this single lane nightmare had nowhere to move over.
  5. The problem is SIV did away with using a promoter such as Live Nation, stating if I recall that they shouldn't have to pay someone to bring in the acts when they could do it themselves. The other questions are, how long for the mothballing, will it reopen and what happens to the Sheffield Steelers ?
  6. Is it really only temporary ? It seems such a waste of money, with manpower, painting the roads, signage etc and then to change it back.
  7. Absolutely.... I can't see anything in the original plans for the work done that either shows or states what they were going to do.... one can only hope it is temporary during the summer months or until more people get back to work.
  8. And what options then do the motorists have who cannot either ride a bicycle or use public transport ?
  9. Look at it this way, the City Hall is worth keeping alive for the history and diversity in acts that they pull in there.... the Arena is now outdated and if it was in the USA would probably have been replaced. They've thrown millions at the Arena and the class of acts has gone down hill..... the food which was supposed to be improved hasn't changed and is overpriced rubbish and as for the seating since the renovation you don't have room to move since they shoved extra seats on the rows by narrowing them. Knock it down and cut their losses.
  10. Unbelievable that the cycle lanes are wider than the carriageway for motor vehicles. Well done Sheffield City Council for yet another hair brained road traffic scheme on what is already one of the busiest stretches of road around the centre of Sheffield. Heaven forbid someone breaks down or has a bump when their is nowhere to pull over. How many millions of pounds has the extra lanes and widening cost all for the council to put in cycle lanes... it's rarely I see anybody cycling on there , they all seem to nip through Kelham Island. What next are they going to extend it along the length of Penistone Road or knowing the council up the Parkway !
  11. I've seen those pictures but we have even been through the books in the Central Library to find the actually number or court on Woodland Street the business was started.... no one seems to know.... great pics though.
  12. I wonder if anyone can shed any light on what number on Woodland Street, Swann-Morton as was to become first began manufacturing blades. Also as an aside, Swann-Morton's new premises on Penistone Road has been named Woodland Works as a historic reminder to their heritage and beginnings on Woodland Street.
  13. Miss Moseley was still there in the late 70's when I was there.
  14. The planning application for the Lidl supermarket at Malin Bridge has tonight been passed by Sheffield City Council. Also planning consent has been given to the Aldi and Costa Coffee opposite the Sheffield Wednesday ground and the Natural Burial Ground on Riggs High Road, Stannington.
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