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  1. Conspiracy theorists abound that he was swapped out and still lives..... strange that the Prince Andrew connection appears this morning then hours later he's allegedly dead !
  2. I really don't get it at all.... adding yet another and albeit awkward turning with lights included. They won't be taking the Nursery Street lights out as traffic still has to come up Nursery Street to join Derek Dooley Way. Utterly ridiculous.... will the buses be making a u-turn there ?
  3. Not be long before the extra set of lights on the Shalesmoor bound carriageway are operating.... how many sets of lights from the bottom of the Parkway to Shalesmoor.... 13 !
  4. But who signs their artwork "Bole Hill Lane" ?
  5. The Tesco store mooted for Kilner Way is their bargain supermarket branded 'Jacks'
  6. The way they go hurtling through the Matalan / Burger King / Greggs car park and then barging their way in.... why do they need to do that ? And then instead of waiting to go right along the Derek Dooley Way they hurtle down to Park Square, rat run towards the Wicker and along Nursery Street only to be beaten by the car that was in front of them at the Nursery Street lights.... but hey ho if they want to waste their fuel all for trying to save a few second in which case they actually haven't it's up to them. As a regular driver along that route at the same time every morning you begin to take a mental note of these vehicles and it's the same ones nearly everyday ! That said i've not seen many trucks reversing into side roads off the Parkway or level crossings for that matter..... maybe if we go back 60 years to that area we'd see the odd railway track !
  7. I do wonder what the situation now would be if the council had given away the library.
  8. These are great memories, reading through this thread you can almost smell the steam and hear the thundering of the engines. I wish sometimes I was older and were able to have witnessed these times. My railway enthusiast days stem from my dad buying me a Combined Volume in 1977 and i've been hooked ever since being brought up on the demise of the Woodhead route for the DC electrics, Tinsley shed (RIP) and the plant at Donny. No trip to Asda at Orgreave with my parents would be complete without going down to the bottom car park to see what 76's were stabled there. School lunchtimes bunking out and on to the railway bridge on Archer Road to catch the 40 on the Earles Cement train. A different era to what everyone else has mentioned but both eras loved for what was on the rails.
  9. And the final stretch from Catcliffe to the M1 gets busier by the day with the AMRC and Waverley complexes expanding..... what does need changing is the lanes at the end of the Parkway and timing of the lights around the M1 roundabout.
  10. Bjorn Again were at the Botanical Gardens on Saturday night..... no one heard Bananarama on Friday and isn't Sunday traditionally classical music night.
  11. Not easy especially when a lorry appears on your left hand side too..... Ironically with all the cycle lanes in place around there and the others going in you don't see many cyclists around there.
  12. I'm still trying to work out what they are trying to achieve apart from another set of lights for the Shalesmoor bound traffic..... it's getting ridiculous now. Those temporary narrow lanes are dangerous too.
  13. And bizarrely although not really for The Star the story was reported by 'Hull Live' !
  14. Hole In The Road..... a Sheffield icon !
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