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  1. Banks are becoming clever and are playing a game. They issue statistics that state a branch has been used less in the last 12 months than the previous 12 months. What they don't state in those statistics are that they have probably in the last 12 months not been open as many hours and have added a closed day in there as well. They did that with Barclays at Hillsborough... now gone and they appear to be doing something similar with their Arena Square branch. It's a clever way of closing branches citing lack of use.
  2. It reminds me of a late 70's US sitcom 'WKRP In Cincinnati'
  3. Should have told them you'd go via Barnard Castle !
  4. The Barclays Bank at Hillsborough closed last December sadly.... now only two branches covering Sheffield and Rotherham. Sheffield City Centre has it's good and bad places like any other city... once all the building work is completed it should be fine from the Moorfoot up to Fargate.
  5. I can personally recommend Cakes Created By Julie.... Cakes Created By Julie Delicious cakes and very talented in creating practically anything.
  6. It's a shame that the third leg of Woodburn Junction was lifted too, that would have allowed trains to head South on the old road avoiding Midland station. 66757 headed 4E53 - 0515 Felixstowe North to Tinsley Yard arriving 9 minutes early this morning at 1137 the light engine out to Doncaster left at 1235 as 0D53. The return service to Felixstowe North is scheduled for Monday morning 0515 An aggregate train is due in from Bardon Hill at 0639 All of the scheduled services are in the system already but may not run.
  7. My dad Mick Slinn used to frequent it a lot when he worked for CD Steel... I used to sit outside on the wooden bench or if i was lucky be allowed to stand in the little corridor.
  8. I wish i was fortunate to only have to commute 2 days out of 5, however the factory where I and over 400 other people can't really take the machinery home with them. My 14 mile journey to work for 7am in the morning is not one that I could possibly cycle and neither would the mostly uphill journey back home. A lot of factories still operate along the A61 corridor so now businesses are back then I can't see how a cycling plan would help... especially the logistics of moving manufactured goods in and out of the city.
  9. A legend to me... I got into Cabaret Voltaire in the very early 80's thanks to Richard Tandy on Radio Hallam.... only saw them once at The Limit around that time and they were awesome. Followed their careers after CV split and still listen back to their old stuff now. Quite a few good write ups in the National papers too and how their sound influenced many many bands and shaped electronic music through their innovations. (Shame The Star haven't mentioned anything) It was even good to hear a snippet of Nag Nag Nag on Radio Sheffield news on Wednesday morning too. Mal was your typical awkward frontman with the Kirky being the genius mad professor with his aural attacks on your ears and mind. RIP Kirky.
  10. Nothing in the system yet as it's over a week away.
  11. Didn't see it on stage so nothing to compare with.... I thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved Richard E Grant's performance and also though the acceptance of Jamie by his family and friends was nicely done... except his dad of course...
  12. Wasn't the original complaint from a guy living in Whitby ? Ironic then that the Whitby Pavilion show is nearly sold out.
  13. I take offence to the Dreamboys - Too Hard To Resist UK Tour as it's degrading to men ! How about cancelling this one ! Women seeing men as sex objects, it's disgraceful.
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