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  1. I've seen those pictures but we have even been through the books in the Central Library to find the actually number or court on Woodland Street the business was started.... no one seems to know.... great pics though.
  2. I wonder if anyone can shed any light on what number on Woodland Street, Swann-Morton as was to become first began manufacturing blades. Also as an aside, Swann-Morton's new premises on Penistone Road has been named Woodland Works as a historic reminder to their heritage and beginnings on Woodland Street.
  3. Miss Moseley was still there in the late 70's when I was there.
  4. The planning application for the Lidl supermarket at Malin Bridge has tonight been passed by Sheffield City Council. Also planning consent has been given to the Aldi and Costa Coffee opposite the Sheffield Wednesday ground and the Natural Burial Ground on Riggs High Road, Stannington.
  5. The World has come to this, so as not to possibly offend anyone, anywhere.
  6. But what is the timescale for finishing, nothing has changed for a while now.
  7. I saw this and wondered myself..... millions no doubt in help and relief !
  8. So does this detract from all those so called fans who turned up late to the game that decided to storm the stadium and cause this problem still goes forgotten. And those who arrived early and in plenty of time for the game were the victims. Nothing ever gets said about that and an excuse or scapegoat is always being looked for when the truth is obvious.
  9. And this explains the bricks and rubble further down the river under the bridge that weren't there before. Mother nature. Further down the river the flood has washed away retaining walls and other features which you can see down Penistone Road.
  10. Used to DJ on a Thursday night down there as an opener for the Empty Bed Blues Band..... the place was ahead of it's time and in totally the wrong place to work properly.... a shame really... anyone know what Marcus is up to now ?
  11. Do the insurance policies actually state "through an act of god", if they do can they prove god exists ?
  12. That new u-turn they've put in is ridiculous, it took a large lorry three attempts to fully get around the other morning and at other times the lights turn red to oncoming traffic even when there are no vehicles waiting to exit the junction. They also look as if they are / have taken the filter lane out that makes the left turn towards Saville Street too. The whole layout is a total mess.
  13. Junction Of Sellers Street from Aizlewood Road, Bardwells would be the first building on the right and my corner shop is just out of shot before that. I remember as a very small child a corner shop on the opposite corner to where I lived , at the junction of Aizlewood Road and Sellers Street down Abbeydale, literally a few doors away from Bardwells.. My mother used to send me across the road for some bread and a couple of pence for some sweets, the old lady who's name eludes me used to have a stool in front of the sweet counter so we could climb up and take our pick. The place had a great fresh bread smell, fresh bread cakes in a tray on the counter, delivered daily, double doors into the shop where only one was ever unlocked, she sold everything from milk to washing powder. I can't remember when she died (maybe 1975/6), but that was the last time the shop was open and it remained empty for years. Long, long gone, but the memory still lingers.
  14. It ain't reopening anytime soon if ever and its probably a maintenance visit Again short sightedness for the sake of a few pounds.
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