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  1. The railway line that passed under Normanton Hill still has the bridge abutments in place, as you come up the hill the line passed where the last house on the right is before the climb the wall on the left hand side of the road here is the top of what was the bridge. As a kid in the early 80's we used to play around the abandoned mine area before the whole area was levelled and filled in..... little did we know back then.
  2. Looked and sounded superb over Hillsborough. Then banked and went around towards the City Centre.
  3. Mr Cooper and Mr Ramsbottom were still there in the early 80's too. I've got to thank Mr Ramsbottom for introducing me at an early age to the music of U2.... I still can't remember how it linked into the RE lesson, but we had a week of listening to early U2 stuff.
  4. I lived around the corner off Abbeydale Road from his shop and was fortunate to go to school with one of his sons (Lee). Back in the 70's I was always amazed at the weird and wonderful fruit and vegetables on show and the exotic spicy smells emanating from within. A lovely man with a lovely family, he'll be sadly missed.
  5. Make the most of cyclist spotting, it comes up this weekend doesn't it ?
  6. I don't normally agree with you Planner1.... but I can understand why the council took the funding available to put the scheme in (not incompetent) and no doubt had to get something in place somewhere within a timescale. The scheme was in the wrong place and was to an extent underused (the failure) although it was intended to link one area to the "Grey to Green" project. It was a gamble in some respects that did not work even in the circumstances it was implemented, it also to me as a motorist look safe for cyclists especially coming from Shalesmoor on to the roundabout in the centre lane.
  7. The Arena has aged and has been surpassed by the others, although Manchester's arena is just about to under go a multi million pound investment that brings that up to scratch both acoustic wise and as a destination for customers. Sheffield's Arena needs either demolishing or a private investor bringing in to take it over, or both. You would like to think that the government funding covered the removal too... and the council will have the barriers to use elsewhere for other developments or distancing measures.... they'll not be cheap.
  8. But the council then took the decision to knock Don Valley Stadium down ! Sheffield Arena is making huge losses due to not having a major promoter bringing acts to town (pre-covid) and has been bailed out numerous times to the value of millions of pounds. Funds which would no doubt have been better used on other more worthy services in the city. As for the tram-train trial the majority of money spent was over the border into Rotherham and it benefits that town rather more than Sheffield. Does the removal of the Shalesmoor scheme come from the council budget or the central government funding for putting the scheme into place ?
  9. Do the funds for the the removal of the scheme and putting the road back to it's pre-cycle lane condition come from central government or the council's own budget ?
  10. I used to like Toby, I probably still do, but I don't listen to him anymore.... the whole radio station has become stale and safe, nothing new. The only time i listen now is if we have some kind of weather crisis on, floods, snow, locust invasion etc. It used to be permanently on in my car, now I prefer to flick between 5 Live and my MP3 player.
  11. From 2018 ? Things have changed, people don't want to use public transports as much if they don't have to, so the car will always be king right now. Spot on.
  12. Stick one of those at Brook Hill and a few bicycles could end up over the fence on to the tram tracks. I saw three cyclists this morning, two on the pavement and one waiting at a crossing, blocking the cycle lane.
  13. They liaised with Cycle Sheffield, a voluntary organisation with over 1600 supporters from a City with over 500,000 residents, 0.0032% of the population. Perhaps someone should set up a Drive Sheffield organisation so that the council can poll them too, i'm certain that many more people would be members of that organisation. That is a ridiculous comment.... the dart thrown by the council will have missed the map completely !
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