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  1. Well midweek games consist of chip butty carton of Curry onto the Forty foot for a few sherberts down to worship ,then off home to bed . Happy Days WAWAW
  2. After watching "Real Madrid Wednesday " for 40 years + my " Opinion holds more than most " so 3 points is a must & no excuses & anything less will be " SHAMEFULL" 😉😁😁😁. WAWAW
  3. Away support today was good tbh .👍
  4. Could have & should have had 3 or 4 today , 3 points & a clean sheet "WAWAW "
  5. It's like a soap opera ? Or is it still panto season .😃😅😉
  6. Drinks company , if tha likes drinking brine out of the old tin of tuna ? tha welcome to it mucka 😆
  7. If you all don't behave ? You will all be in detention after school.😁😁
  8. Harlee Dean now mentioned from Birmingham for potential loan move.??
  9. Should know by now it's all about Wednesday but forgetting thier own teams downfalls. But hey oh WAWAW 😃
  10. You old git 😃😃😃
  11. Apparently preston's Jordon Storey set to sign for the Owls?
  12. Wowzer ,should be atleast 4 up ,but hey oh playing with pride & passion for a change & look well for the lead .👍 The Owls did get 4 wey hey
  13. Oh dear can't get tomorrow, isolating after contracting covid🤪 , so will be an armchair Saturday warrior Let's get this plymouth hoooooodooooo put to bed 2.1 Owls
  14. Strange one with beavers ,Im sure he signed a 3 year deal in June 2021 .???
  15. Totally abysmal, no pride no passion & better team is the one winning...
  16. If you're going to drop a un-beaten run , GET HAMMERED 🤪
  17. Good line up not there tonight but hoping for 3 points "WAWAW"
  18. 😀😀 Didn't read correctly at 1st , thought you put your "LAMBRINI" back in the garage 🤔
  19. Im tripple vaccinated , & if said you need another in 3mth jab away mucka's "WAWAW"
  20. Wo wo wo 😜 mi owd don't thee pick on me ,my brothers are bigger than yours 🤣
  21. Wo wo wo Boris whos's taking covid lightly?chill ya beans mucka 👍. Im not taking this thread seriously just a comedy performance tonge & cheek 👏 😂 🤣
  22. Mines cracking , clean sheet 3 points & now watching Connor Ben boxing & hoping a football match breaks out 😀😀, wey hey .
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