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  1. All in the late 1950s' David Whitfield, Lonnie Donnegan, Harry Secombe, and others. Tried to go every couple of weeks or so.
  2. Arthur Askey: something (can't remember), scrumptious, simply heaven, 12 for only 1/7.. Penguins.
  3. Didn't know Don Woolhouse Jr., but spent a few months as gofer to his dad on the vans. Don (Snr) also played drums in a dance band, often at the City Hall.
  4. Jean Pierrus was always my favourite of all teachers. I went to Southey Green Junior school, where she was taught, until I left in 1953. Quite a few times, even after I had left Southey, I visited her at her house on South Road, close to the Palladium. She lived there I believe with two sisters. I had been in the act of trying to contact her when I saw the obituary in the Star. Would you have any pictures from That era Dom? .
  5. Most of the cheaper brands of DVD will play both systems. Otherwise there are video transfer companies that will change DVD formats, or copy old videos, home movies etc. to disc in most areas. They do charge a fee of course.
  6. I sent you a personal message VicZA, did you receive it?
  7. This was a requirement from way before the 60's. A small lamp, showing red to traffic in the same lane, and white to the oncoming traffic, was hung by means of a clip over the top of the window, which was then wound up. Usually the drivers side window if the car was parked on the 'correct' side of the street. No such thing as cigarette lighters in most of the older cars, so had to be wired directly to the battery. I was even woken up one night by a bobby because the light attached to my scooter had gone out. This requirement was in effect at least until 1967 when I left the U.K.
  8. No Pauline, this one was definitely working in the sheet metal shop. I have a picture of my dad with a couple of his apprentices. P.M. me and I'll forward a copy if you think you know him.
  9. My dad worked there from about 1946 until 1958. He was a sheet metal worker. Had a couple of apprentices working with him, only know one, called Leonard. Sorry, no last name.
  10. I attended a few of the Xmas parties laid on for kids. After the meal, there would be a magician/comedian, sing song, and of course Father Xmas, who gave out goodies. The last one I was at, would be around 1952, my present was a book on space exploration. Quite futuristic considering the years before it became a reality.
  11. Back in the 1940's to 60's this was where Burdall's gravy salt was made. There was also a nursery school, which I attended around 1945
  12. After years of being away from Sheffield, entering the Wednesday grounds, and hearing 30,000 or so supporters cheering.
  13. Breakfast (for those that ordered it) and tea were brought round to the workbenches, dinner was in the canteen. Seems like we did spend a lot of time eating and supping. Woe jmdee ! did you ever get out of there to do some work ?
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