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  1. hi This should be the link to the witch I want painting on my lancaster. http://i591.photobucket.com/albums/ss351/Lancaster-Archive/WP%20Source/LL853-1.jpg Thanks
  2. Hi, what I'm looking for is just a plain witch on a broomstick dropping a bomb, I have the original picture from the actual WW2 plane to copy from. Thanks
  3. Im wanting someone to paint a witch about the size of a 20p on the side of a radio controlled lancaster bomber. It is too fine for me to do. Does anyone know of someone that can do this? Thanks
  4. no she sleeps here 5 days a week then 2 day in school hoildays
  5. Hi, has anyone got any advice for me dealing with the child support agency? My daughter stays with me 5 days a week and spends the weekend and school hplidays at her mum's. The child support still want me to pay her mum a sum each week, even lthough I support my daughter 5 days a week. When I talk to child support over the phone they seem to be reading off a script. I have said can I appeal against their decision but they say I would not win, Is there an independant ombudsman that deals with individual cases?They also said that everything I have spent on keeping my daughter does not count, it is classed as a gift. Thanks to anyone who has some advice.
  6. Need to insure car for maybe 2-3 weeks. Has anyome got any suggestions of where to get car insurance from? Thanks
  7. I buy from edwin jagger in sheffield they are online but i called them up and arranged a time to call and buy it direct from the office, saves on the postage and you can look at what you need. Done this with a couple of companies. just call them and see.
  8. It's the weekend again and Pennine foods are venting industrial noise around S20. I finished work half an hour again and noticed it. See how long it goes on for tonight. Who would you contact for industrial noise problems? Is there a special department in the council. Does anyone know? Thanks
  9. Monday to Friday in the day when people are at work the noise would not be heard as much but when people are off work at the weekend they do not want to hear this industrial noise. It is not ideal to do this on a Saturday or Sunday.
  10. That was my next move Stranza was to write to Pennine Foods to enquire what was happening and to complain about the noise. When you called them to enquire, what did they say to you? It's winter at the moment so the windows are close but in the summertime we have the windows open and the noise will be pretty bad.
  11. Can anyone else hear the Industrial noise coming from the food factory at Drakehouse Crescent? It seems to go on for 24hours at a time maybe once or twice a month. It's like a load of steam being released constantly. Can still hear it in the house. Just wondering if anyone else can hear it.
  12. I understood the post and cant spell hope you feel big to belittle some one who cant spell
  13. I bet most poeple moaning about the binman on here are working in a office and not got their hands dirty
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