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  1. Try Andy's carpets just off Crookesmoor Road a lot of landlords and letting agent's use them in the area.
  2. I would highly recommend Craig at CC Solutions he carries out a lot of work for me on a regular basis and is fairly priced with a good standard of workmanship.
  3. Its you!!! just happy with the guys work and want to recommend him as I feel others would benefit from his services as I have
  4. Hi I can recommend Craig at CC Total solutions excellent price and genuine guy he just carried out lots of work for me and couldnt be happier his number is 07502 089304.
  5. I can highly recommend Craig at CC Total Solutions his work is first class at a realistic price, a genuine guy who you can trust in your home his contact number is 07502089304.
  6. I can highly recommend Craig at CC Total Solutions his work is first class at a realistic price, a genuine guy who you can trust in your home his contact number is 07502089304.
  7. Try CC Total solutions and ask for Craig on 07502089304 he will give you a quality job at a fair price.
  8. If your guttering is wooden have you considered using upvc guttering the same style as the wooden guttering, you never have to worry again about it rotting and needing painting, it just need's a clean now and then, and fit's to neighbouring guttering perfect, the only problem is it only comes in the smaller size. We have fitted loads for our customers who didnt realise they even did this type of guttering, and cost's are around the same and in some cases cheaper than the wooden option.
  9. I use to live on Pickmere Rd, number 60. It was the white house on the corner and when we moved my mum sold it to someone who turned it into student flats. I,d love to have a nosey to look at my old bedroom, when I had it I had a black heart beat painted all the way around the middle of the wall. Thank goodness my taste in decor has now changed!!!
  10. Hi not really that good with computers wouldn't really want to mess with it, and we are based in chapeltown north sheffield. Thanks Dawn
  11. Hi does any one have a compaq power lead for the presario c700 laptop for sale. Thanks Dawn
  12. My daughter had a pc in her room and it now does not work she thinks it got a virus and now just comes up fatal error when switched on, she has since got a laptop, and the pc is just sat there so we thought if we could get it going again it would be ideal to use in the office, I am looking for someone with the expertise to get it going again if this is even possible, i am willing to pay for this service i dont expect anything for free, and i have some other computer related stuff need doing as well for my other computer. Please PM if you are interested and i will PM back my phone number. Regards Dawn
  13. Another article is in the Sheffield Star Action Desk saying that everything is OK and the old Urban Office will be re-opening at the end of the month and Karen has left her personal mobile for Landlords to ring and she says if she wanted to leave the country she would have by now. If anyone manages to get her to answer the mobile she has left I would be surprised but good luck!
  14. Hope that the job advertised for a Property Letting Administrator in the Jobs available page isn't for Urban Estates previously know as The Urban Letting Company!!! Just noticed it won't be since Urban aren't on Queen Street - silly me!
  15. Cellotape dispenser at Christmas time - last year I got cellotape stuck to my lip and it pulled off the skin leaving a lovely raw lump of flesh where my lip use to be - the Christmas Vodka helped to alleviate the pain!
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