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  1. yes they are love . if still interested my number is 07542751934
  2. Rehome or Sale? sale Reason for Rehome / Sale son is allergic Sale Amount 50.00 Location mexborough Type of bird to Rehome / Sell one male one female cockatiel With or Without Cage? with cage Is the bird hand tame no Age & Sex male and female age unknown Colour grey yellow and white with orange cheek Live in / out in Any Current or Historical Health Issues none Temperament comical Any special knowledge needed General Information you can share _____________
  3. my social life consists of going out to the pub twice a year lol
  4. mine takes the little one out of the way so i can have half hours peace
  5. i agree i dont like to see em walking round without tops on in food stores
  6. my dog is the same always picking stuff up lol
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