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  1. Highly recommend. Did mine today £80. He did a great job and was very perfectionist like Shans tints all the way.
  2. This should put an end to the "what is x postcode like". S1- can be ok if you're after city living S2- Dump S3-dump S4-AVOID at allcosts S5-AVOID S6- nice in parts, stannington, loxley, hillsborough are all ok. Down to earth yorkshire people. S7- Most of it is nice- S8- OK- average Except- Batemoor, Jordanthorpe, Lowedges, they're crime ridden S9- AVOID S10- Very very nice area- if you're renting not too expensive either, buying is another matter! S11- Very very nice too S12- Dump bar frecheville maybe S13- Handsworth is ok, the rest is rubbish S14- Souless S17- Very very nice- I'd love to live there. Dore is gorgeous. S18 Average- Dronfield is ok in parts S20- Souless S35- Not great S32/S33 Very nice N.B I found this online. I think it's pretty accurate.
  3. Thanks for the replies and for handypandy sending me info. I'll have to keep and eye on it and see how it goes. Maybe a bigger dehumidifier is needed.
  4. ]Hi, please see pics below re damp problem. Anyone had this problem before. Can anyone recommend someone reasonably priced to fix this? We've tried a dehumidifier but it doesn't work.
  5. Hello! I've just passed my theory test and scored pretty well 50/50 69/75 Can anyone recommend a good instructor in Sheffield. Being looking at Horizon School Of Motoring.. any good? I want an honest instructor that will teach me well and progress effectively! I've looked at AA & BSM and they dont look good.
  6. Right... Saw the builders this morning and this is how it went down. Me - Morning DR - Morning Me - Is this Digital Regions work? DR - Yes mate Me - Fibre optic? DR - Yes Me - When will you finish up? DR - Well the work is nearly finished but the fibre wont go live until about 6 months Me - Ok, will you be using BT lines? DR - Yes as we are nearly finishing linking the lines as we have a contract with BT So theyre you have it, and I'ts good to know theyre working with BT!
  7. One silly question ........ Will this fibre optic cable run down our main telephone sockets? Cos I dont have a VM line?
  8. This project should create jobs for the young & old. And I think better broadband is a must for everyone unless you like waiting hours for your downloads.
  9. gribz - I am so excited I almost wee myself when I see the new cabinet. Thats exaxtly how i feel! Just the thought of being able to download @ 25MB (I know estimate) is fookin crazy! no more waiting hours and hours. One thing that might put me off is the price! they have to be very careful, I would pay £19.99 for a 25mb connection with unlimted downloads.
  10. Hi Firbe I'm not sure to be honest they did not have any van logo's or badges just workmen digging roads. This is how it panned out, I was walking down my street and noticed some builders fiddling with "BT" green exchange box and thought what are they up to after i come home from work I noticed they have started digging up main roads and I looked down sneakily and noticed some tape labelled "Fibre Optics" I then asked the builders "Is this virgin media's work? (I cant get VM on my street) They replied looking clueless "Ermmm we don’t know to be honest" I thought typical builders lol. I then came to work this morning and noticed they had patched the roads up and cornered of an area off, had a quick sneak at that area and I could see this square patch with big pipes sticking out and I knew straight away that they are going to be putting an exchange their so when the golly good builders come by again I will try and get more answers from them.
  11. Mine says it’s coming June 2010. @ Paddy I have spotted in my area (burngreave) that they are laying fibre optic and a new cabinet. Exciting times, but hope the prices are good!
  12. Hi Has anyone got BT Infinity fibre broadband? If so what area? Cos I cant seem to find any news of it coming to Sheffield? Mind you though I did see some builders digging up some roads the other day in Burngreave and looked down and some tape with "fibre cable" written on it but when i asked the builders they didn’t have a clue?
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