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  1. Hi Jordan Y, I'd like to gain a little more info on Your Grandad and his family if possibel? Especially with them being in Sheffield and the steel works etc. Their may be a possible family connection, so it would be worth checking out, and I thank you for your message. My e-mail address is mickhurst@hotmail.com and would welcome a message from you. Thanks again Mick Hurst
  2. Thanks again for your replies. and "anlabystreet" I was in Fullwood cottage homes, it was my first taste of being brought up in childcare. I was there from the age of 3 to 5 years before being moved to Mather Road at Darnal, group home. then being fosterd to a family at Richmond. Luckily with being so young at that time, I only have a few memories of Fullwood. My total time in childcare spans from the age of 3 year and 4 momths to just before my 18th Birthday. The experience was far from good, and I would fight tooth and nail to keep any kid from having to go into care.
  3. Hi Jane, thanks for your message. Would the family of Hurst's you knew at Swallownest be off West Park Drive by any chance? Mother Winnie Hurst Eldest Son Peter Son Michael (mostly known as Mick) Daughter Sharon If so, then I am actually connected to that family being Mick Hurst
  4. I am looking for Hurst Family members, I started building a family tree some years ago, having being brought up in child care and knowing very little of my family when I started. Over the years, I have found much info and found that the family have roots going back to the 1760's and st that time was based in Great Longstone, In Derbyshire. Some of the family members came and worked in Sheffield and conections with the to my steel industry. Some moved to Canton in Cardiff, Wales and ran a file and steel works there. I even found a sister that I knew nothing of previously in March last year. There must be many people with the surname Hurst, and some may be missing links to my family tree. So I'd like to hear from you to see if I can find a connection.
  5. Many thanks for the replies, and and the information, it is very much appreciated. It also go's to show, don't give up, I hadnt had a reply to this post since the end of May, and I'd just about given up on it.
  6. Many thanks for the replies, and I will try the picturesheffield
  7. Hi, can anyone give some information on what was the Grove in Sheffield? I think it may have been some kind of childen's home, I came across mention of it while researching a family tree
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