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  1. Property Offered Area:SHIREGREEN, Type of Property: HOUSE Number of Bedrooms:3 Landlord: SANCTUARY Any other information: drive, fenced off garden with shed.house doesnt need any work. Property Wanted Area:SHIREGREEN : VALENTINE CLOSE, VALENTINE ROAD. TOP END OF VALENTINE CRESENT && TOP END OF KINNAIRD ROAD Type of Property: HOUSE Number of Bedrooms:2 Landlord: SANCTUARY Any other information: flat, tidy garden and something that doesnt need to much work.
  2. Mod Note: Please use the Give Away section of the classifieds. Closing.
  3. Im going to have a big clear- these will mainly be clothes & toys- is there any charity shops what collect?
  4. Hello people. Thankyou for youre replies. I have recieved an email from someone, so hopefully this will work out, if not il be back on the lookout. Thankyou!
  5. hello people, i already have a lovely tabby boy who is 6 months old. he is getting sorted out at the vets this week with his boy bits... so i would really like a freind for him. a loving home is waiting...can you :help:help me?
  6. lol. i forgot all about this thread until i seen it pop up on general dicussions. i am not moving to foxhill now.
  7. Hello- is anyone with tesco mobile? How do u find them? And is the signal for internet any good? Thinking of goin with tem
  8. PUTTING ON FOR A FREIND.. A free black & white male kitten for free to a good home. All i have been told is that she took it in to save its life from another freind; as that freinds boyfreind tried to drowned it( disguting human being) she lives in a flat and cant give it the love it needs. Even though this has nothing to do with me i would like to ad that pleasee if you are interested give this a Good overall think if u can care for this kitten for the rest of its life. Its only a kiten and is in its 2nd home =[ .. Please email me if u can giv the kitten a good life. It comes with nothing. She hasnt even got it a litter and tray (big humf) she lives on carwood green which is just off peter street in s4 grimesthorpe/pitsmoor.
  9. I experienced same thing. I heard domestic abuse & music 24/7 when i had a Baby geting woke up& had to wake up early to go to collage. The council didnt help me one bit. They wouldnt let me exchange either cus i had put in asb compaints against the neighbours. I appealed this, which got refused. - the woman who got beat up from her partner is now dead, aged 27 bless her. Thankgod south yorkshire housing helped me out and rehoused me frm a council home. I got assaulted on christmas night by the man for asking him to turn his music down. I was 17 at the time .. After complainig to the council, my case being no1 helped me, which resulted in my been attacked, The council told me "i had provoked him" hahahaha., i had never been so angry in my life. The property i fled violence from had 8tenants in 7years. & the council still refused to help me. - so goodluck & i genuinly hope the council can help. Nothing worse then been in your home & not been able to sleep or relax due to no fault of your own.
  10. Oh gosh. How awful. That breaks my heart :@ ....
  11. Hello forumers... What is foxhill like these days..? Been offered an exchange there... && im getting 50/50 reviews on what its like. Its just behind foxhill school on a dead end.. & its mine n my childrens future So i really need honest answers .. Would be muchly appreciated . Thanks
  12. I think agencys wil have more a problem with your credit check, then a Private landlord.
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