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  1. Like me at 18, any job and use it as a stepping stone to a better position, evening classes for some further education, and also in my case, going self-employed at age 29 (nearly 30 years ago). OR I could have sat back and taken an easy ride.
  2. and the more you tell them that, then no wonder they feel disenfranchised. There's plenty of opportunities out there ......... but the little tykes might have to to put some effort in to attain these positions .... God forbid !!
  3. Couldn't agree more .... and being on the side of Brexit and half Polish too ! and on the subject of "racial abuse", I had a visit from the Bobbies after being accused of the very same a couple of years ago. Luckily I had a in-car camera at the time that recorded all the incident. The asian lady who made the complaint forgot to mention to the Bobbies that she instigated the abuse. This is "White trash" signing out .
  4. A carCRASH yes !!! I think you'll find O'Marrow was voted in by misguided young voters in the Hallam ward. Their petty retaliation against Nick Clegg.
  5. It's Amey who are employed by the Labour council. Keep voting Labour and that's what you get !!
  6. Blame the idiots who voted him in !!
  7. http://www.sheffcol.ac.uk/courses%2Fautomotive-and-motor-vehicle Looking at it, I would contact the above and ask. Back in the 70s/80s when I did mine it was day release. As for night school I'm not sure but hopefully you'll find something.
  8. Very true, and I speak from personal experience about the gullible parole boards. Life should mean life, and not even a cushy life. In a society that, unfortunately wipes the proverbial a**es of criminals with their three good meals per day, TV's, use of mobile phones etc,etc, yet turns a blind eye to those homeless and genuinely hard up folk, it makes me sick to the teeth that our judicial system and governments cannot get their priorities right. In 1989 when my youngest brother murdered both my grandmother and aunt, he served 14 years, he pulled the wool over the parole boards eyes and was released, caused more mayhem and was sent down again, he's soon to be before the parole board AGAIN, and has said he would like to return to Sheffield. Our family has had to set up exclusion zones through the probation service (as if he'll adhere to them ) and we are now expected to risk bumping into him again some time in the near future and have to be reminded of the grief we suffered back then. Admittedly at the time I would have gladly seen him hang, but maybe it's down to time and hopefully being a little wiser that I am now of the firm belief that in his, and this case, life should be life.....no parole.
  9. http://www.germanautohaus.co.uk/ I've had my Touareg serviced by this guy and a couple of other jobs done on it at a fraction of the price quoted by the dealer.
  10. It's more than enough ... providing you know there's a consultation survey taking place. Like I stated in my post, who keeps scouring the Council website on a daily basis ?
  11. "Our budget consultation runs from Monday 11th December 2017 until Friday 19th January 2018" Great if you constantly monitor the council website but most folk are busy doing other more important things in their lives, like trying to make ends meet !!
  12. Appreciate the replies. I run an old version of Sage accounts at work. It's fine for my needs but am looking for another standalone PC to act as a backup computer should my VERY old AMD K6 pc call it a day. (Still going strong after 20 years !!) Also needs a 3.5 floppy drive.
  13. Looking for an old stand alone PC with 3.5in floppy drive that I can run some old Sage software on. Bigger the drive on the PC the better! PM with details if you have any scope to assist. Many thanks!
  14. If it's any help,and presuming its FloorDecor on Abbeydale road, my wife called in early August to ask them to call up and give us a quote for Karndean (supply & fit), we're still waiting. No phone call from them. So we're calling at Eric Gilberts and Pyramid for quotes. Their loss !
  15. Give this guy a shout......he is great with valve amps and a decent price too. He sorted my Fender Blues Deluxe plus some electronics on my aircraft too ! http://www.blueberrypieamps.co.uk/
  16. We have Coal Aston "International" airport on our doorstep. Two hours direct to Le Touquet in France, or 2 hours 20 mins to Midden Zeeland in Holland, no queues, no passport control ( until you land in Europe) who could ask for more..:hihi:
  17. Idiots that DON'T use the bus lanes (that are usable before and after the signed times) especially on Ecclesall road. Why ? And prats who don't use indicators ...........remember the phrase..... "DON'T BE A W**NKER , USE YOUR ****** !! "
  18. My mini iPad is exactly as you describe...........it's as if it requires a defrag or whatever........painfully slow response to key taps, loading pages, and video doesn't always work .
  19. My wife worked with Margaret at Boots years ago and I had the privilege of having Denny teach me guitar for a year. We sometimes met up on Boots "do's " or we'd see the band down at Bramall Lane and have a few sherbets together. He was a great guy and had the patience of a saint when it came down to guitar lessons. RIP Guitar Hero !
  20. I'm now sorted thanks, but I'll keep a note of your number for future reference. Many thanks.
  21. Thanks adds but I've got one ....... no good, the wall of the socket is too thick to go into the recess of the alloy wheel. I think the Dynomec is the only answer.
  22. My son has lost his "key" to undo his locking wheel nuts. Does anyone know who might have a Dynomec kit to enable the removal of his old nuts. I have a new set of nuts ready to go on ( with a key) but just need his old nuts removing . ............... and if he loses this key I'll remove his other nuts !!
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