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  1. Anyone know where the fireworks are being set off from over south west Sheff tonight (31/10) I thought the bl**dy windows where going to come in? Feel sorry for any pet owners - don't mind fireworks but these are some sort of industrial strength (display) bad boys:loopy:
  2. Slow puncture arrgghhh - wheres the best place in Sheff to get the puncture repaired:)
  3. Well said Phili Buster - the planners put bus gates in that don't work and don't enforce them - then they start to enforce and bedlam ensues! Then they expect us drivers to obey some things but not others - annoying us all - one minute you have to drive in a bus lane to avoid getting other drivers trying to punch you - the next minute stay out of the bus lane or get a fine - it's madness!!
  4. Yep 1978 - I agree but unfortunately in the big brother camera happy world we now live in the authorities have the power to fine as you are driving in the bus lane when it isn't permitted - even though we are using our common sense:)
  5. Thanks for the replies and the link and yes it is Abbeydale road south
  6. Heading in to town on Abbeydale Road are they enforcing the bus lane before Beuchief Lights? I like to think I play fair as if you obey the signage you can end up jumping the queue and <removed> people off but then I hate going in the bus lane as I genuinely feel bad for the cyclists and buses that I hold up! What to do for the best?? Should we all obey the lane and queue in the right lane?? and filter into the left when it's OK? Anyone got a fine here??
  7. Hiya After a taxi to Manchester Airport this Saturday 7am - any recommendations? Price and preferably someone who doesn't drive like Lewis Hamilton
  8. After any suggestions for the best place to watch this tomorrow - big screen decent sound etc. Ta:)
  9. Has there been any progress with the proposed development of a second platform and line at Dore and Totley Station - it's gone very quiet, has it been put on hold? Any info. appreciated
  10. Yes - you're right put only if you're heading in to town - on the way out it's uphill all the way
  11. Got an appointment at 3 today - I know it's a nightmare round there, any ideas where to park for an hour and a half?
  12. The good folks of Sheffield Ok - the streets round here are small - when edging out of a blind junction or into traffic with no sight - if you don't want to let me in use the horn on your car - I don't mind, that's what it's there for - it's not a sign of aggression - just makes it easier for us all - just because you can see my bonnet poking out doesn't mean I can see you - think please it will make it easier for us all
  13. Thanks guys - John Lewis was best - and safe:cool:
  14. Hiya Need to get my euros sorted for my holibobs - where's the best place in town to get them? Ta
  15. Thanks for the recommendations - Walkabout tis then Yes and why do we chuck pint pots at the screen when they score? - - makes no sense!
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