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  1. Yes, well talk between yourselves and assume what you like.
  2. Look at the earthquake threads, or even on this one. Here is an example
  3. Everything would be perfect if people kept to the teaching of Jesus. If they don't and are corrupt I don't see how they can call themselves CHRISTians.
  4. So why do atheists come on here and blame God for everything if it isn't hypocrisy, or trouble making and what does it say about them?
  5. Judging by the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians Babylonians and the rest of the ancient world I don't think there are very many who haven't believed in a god of some sort even if it was only the planets.
  6. OK well I am sorry about the attack but I have been holding back for years and have been very patient with people while they have been hurling insults right left and centre while people make up all sorts of silly ideas and I think it is about time we had a few home truths.
  7. Right from the beginning of time people have believed in God and as with Abraham and all the other Old Testament saints, it was their faith that made them right with God.
  8. Forgiveness one for another is so important for anyone and of course for believers there is no salvation without the forgiveness of God which is why our hearts need to be right with him. But if you don't mind what comes through very strongly in your post is your hypocrisy because if you read all the religious threads, what the atheists do all the time is to say how good they are and talk about humanism without admitting that all the bad stuff that is happening in the world around us is caused by mankind. Then to top it all, everything that is wrong in the world according to the people on here is all God's fault and nothing to do with humankind who are actually doing it. My my aren't you the goody goody little hypocrite shifting the blame onto God, who you don't believe in anyway. Talk about shifting the responsibility! People are responsible!! OK.
  9. What it boils down to is that regardless of who or what we are we have all offended people at one time or another and at the same time other people have harmed, hurt and offended us. What are we to do, store it up for the rest of our life, brood over it and let resentment build up or are we to deal with it and bring it to a conclusion and hopefully restore friendship and relationship. If that cannot be done at least a lot of hurt and bad feeling has been dealt with and it feels like a load has been removed from off our back. It needs for us to be honest with ourselves and for us to take ownership of our part in the affair whether it was through stubbornness, selfishness, a foolish act or for any other reason. For our own sake and the sake of others it needs to be dealt with and whether it is only perceived or real, where there are barriers forgiveness breaks them down. Whatever the reason for the barrier between people, although it cannot be seen, weighed or measured and so according to the atheist who does not believe in God does not exist never-the-less is very real and it needs to be dealt with, and the same goes for our relationship with God because just as there are barriers between ourselves and others, even though they are invisible, so to there are barriers between ourselves and God which are self imposed. Oftentimes it means a breaking down of the barrier that is within our own heart and accepting the fact that we are sinners and asking those we have sinned against including God to forgive us which means repenting of our own wrong doing. Fortunately for us God is always ready and willing to forgive us our sins and we are promised in Hebrews 8:12 that God will “forgive our wickedness and will remember our sins no more.” We are reminded of the words of Jesus who said “Your sins are forgiven. Your faith has saved you; go in peace.” Luke 7.48-50 and these words remind us of Jeremiah in Lamentations 3.22-23 who said “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning” for which I thank God. May God bless.
  10. Yeh, like you can have wooden iron, and hot ice.
  11. If someone decides to mug an old lady and rob her of her pension, that is their choice, equally it is their choice not to. It's no good trying to blame other people. If you decide to break the speed limit and you get caught, it's no good blaming the speed camera, or the government for putting it there or the coppers, it was your decision and don't go blaming anyone else whether you have heard of God or not. Either way you will get done. It is called justice. Goodnight.
  12. True, but it is their choice what they do. By the way I have some experience of this at work and I admit environment is a strong influence, but it is their surrounding that are to blame not God. If you want to bring God into it just let me say there are hardened criminals who have had wonderful conversions and are changed people.
  13. Why do they need forgiveness for the sins of others?
  14. Yes it is for everyone, the 'whosoever' which is those who believe on him and repent of their sins. Some people add other conditions but I think repentance is sufficient provided it is genuine.
  15. God knows this and has provided a solution called forgiveness.
  16. Ourselves. We were given the ability to say no. If we do wrong it is our choice.
  17. He has eyes to see and hands to take. Are you saying we should be born blind and limbless.
  18. We see a bag of sweets and we want it. Did someone teach you that?
  19. When you or I do wrong it is our choice.
  20. A baby is born innocent. If you have seen a baby lie, steal, commit murder and rape please let me know. Then the innocent baby turns to its own ways. It wasn't created evil, it was his choice for whatever reason.
  21. You said yourself that a baby is born innocent. We learn to be wicked and disobedient, it never was created, except we create it ourselves.
  22. You only created a beautiful object and you saw that it was good.
  23. We have been there remember? If you created a beautiful object and someone destroyed it, how could you be blamed for that persons 'wicked' act? Did you create the wickedness?
  24. There was no fault found in Jesus and God is not satan, unless you follow a false god.
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