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  1. Yep go to Soho, it is a great area for straight and gay alike, really laid back and some great cocktail bars. Some interesting shops too
  2. Oh yeah sorry I meant I have seen it before but normally I put it on and it is always a repeat, but the last time (can't remember what day) it was one I hadn't watched and he looked a bit different so I thought there were some new episodes out there!
  3. He was a nightmare! However a few years have passed, he could be more of a grown up now.
  4. Yes I love Trance! Recently saw Paul Van Dyk in Brixton and just over a year ago AVB in Madrid. I listen to Judge Jules regularly, his podcast for instance and he plays a lot of trancey stuff. Other than that I like Dirty South, Avicii, Tiesto...... I'm going to try and get to Global Gathering this year as Ibiza is just too much for me these days for a whole week! But going to Vegas soon and it looks like there are going to be a few DJs playing out there.
  5. Wow £5. Last time I had my hair cut it was about £42. So pointless unless you are getting a proper style. If I want a trim I get my mum to do it!
  6. Sounds like the away end could be quiet then! There is going to be a tribute/appreciation/celebratory applause and chanting during the game for Chris Armstrong, don't know if it's been on the SUFC website or news.
  7. Lita will love the nightlife in Sheffield. He was bad enough in Reading fanning himself on the dance floor with £50's.
  8. I heard Russell Brand was on it. I'm surprised they didn't throw in Cheryl Cole.
  9. I hate being a penny overdrawn, so maybe this isn't a good idea no.
  10. Ha yes I'd like it now more than need it now, saving would be a lot simpler though!
  11. Oh yes I thought for example the credit card company would say 'the minimum payment each month is £50...' and I can meet that or pay more, which I will!
  12. Ok great I guess they set this for you, thanks.
  13. How do they make money from the one I am looking to get?! Do they just hope I miss a payment or something!?
  14. Thanks for the advice so far. It does sound a bit risky, as if something is going to catch me out. I'd be able to pay it back well before the ones that have 0% for a year. If it is as simple as setting up a minimum direct debit of around £100 to come out of my bank monthly, paying it off and then closing the account and snapping the card up then that is fine.
  15. I feel a bit ashamed to say I have watched less than an hour of it all!
  16. Sorry to sound dumb but I have never dreamt of having a credit card before, or even thought of it. I want to buy something for £700. I don't have £700. Someone told me a credit card is the best option, then I can pay back when I can (with a monthly minumum payment) with no interest like you would have if you got a loan. So I'm looking now....there is 0% this, 0% that, but then it says something about interest on balance transfers? Huh so it is not 0%? Ooooh too confusing, help! I was looking at an M&S one recommended on Moneysavingexpert. Thank you!
  17. I don't have any advice, but one of my flights with BA has changed at Christmas as well. Luckily not nearly as bad. I hope you get something sorted.
  18. Hello, Does anybody know why my laptop keeps crashing? I'll be working away and without warning, blue screen, loads of text, reboots.....and within 15 minutes it's at it again! It displays the above message kernel-data-inpage-error. Thanks
  19. I got mine from GAP as they were half price and would buy them again, even at full price! Really good quality.
  20. Chicken nuggets and chips at Morrisons!
  21. Did she really? Ha all that fuss and it could have all been fake.
  22. Yeah heard about one, Sugar Daddy ha ha.
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