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  1. Yes the kids do like it but they don't have to pay what a rip off should have introductory prices because of the lack of animals, heard all about the lions but could not see them they were to far away a few meercats and not much else and a bacon butty and a coffee £6.50 well never go again.
  2. Went to Hunters Bar School from 1943 to 1950 Mr Bingham was head master and Mr Darlow was the sports master. Went to a reunion a few years ago at Beauchief hotel but non of ther boys I knew were there, but it was remarkable some of the girld dident seem to have changed. especialy Christine Sheriff I would have known her anywhere. A big thing happened while I was there 22 feb 1942 the american bomber crashed in Endcliffe park it was tea time I was playing on the street and I saw it go over trailing smoke next minute there was a loud crash and we raced to the park I was one of the first on the scene.
  3. Remember the Fiesta, I was working there as assistant stage manager when it opened and stayed for 3 years Opening night acts were the Shadows suported by Bill Goodwin and Ayisha, nice singer I wonder what happened to her. Any memories of the place?
  4. Flaming dragon is quite good for an out of town buffet but they dont have as big a selection as Jumbo but the extras are good they come around with carved beef and are always dropping extras on your table but at over a tenner its more expencive than Jumbo.
  5. Jumbo is definatly the best, been going for years, friendly service lots of food pleanty of seafood on the evening menu and a great range of sweets. Worse one in Sheffield is the one on West street can't remember the name advertises over 100 selections, last time we were there there were only around 40 and the sweets are unreal, I dident know batenburg cake and lemon tarts were Chinese.
  6. When I was a child in the 1940s we used to be taken to Wyming Brook for picnics the bus stopped then at Lodge Moor hospital and we had to walk past the POW camp to get to Wyming Brook sometimes the prisoners were outside and they handed us sweets. I visited the sight only last year the camp is now a pine wood and Wyming Brook is overgrown with trees and shrubs with only a small clear area by the stream, but it still brought back happy memories.
  7. Try the Romantica London Road, Best steaks in Sheffield I eat all aroind and don't know of one better.
  8. I agree I have now had three books published by Lulu once you get the idea of setting them up its easy but they do cost about £4.00 for a single 200 page book but its worth it to see your work in print. Amazon picked up my first two and so I got some money from sales on there it paid for everything and if you do have an ISBN number you can sell it yourself or list it on Amazon. Its definatly worth a try, hawking your work around publishers can be heartbreaking unlell your names J K Rowling.
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