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  1. Ha, they'll not wait to be tipped then? I'm not asking for owt for nowt, I just wondered how the system works. I suppose I'll get into it and may never want to shop again.
  2. I wish I knew how this supermarket delivery works. I have heard of a youngish regular customer now being blocked because she's too young for delivery but on the other hand I keep hearing the over 70s can't get a slot. I haven't been out for two weeks now, my partner is 83 and cant be left alone and I'm a few years younger. I'm itching to get out there and do the shop but I thought I'd play safe and try and order on line for the first time. I had a 30 minute queue wait but finally got on, never once was I asked my age , only when I ordered the booze was I asked if I was over 18. Well I did it and there is a three week wait but we don't mind that as we don't eat much but it's just nice to know something is on its way. The other thing is now they are not supplying plastic bags everything comes loose in their trays and they have to pass you everything, tin for tin, bottle for bottle, surely this can't be right when we are supposed to keep 2 metres apart. Being a novice at this game can anyone enlighten me?
  3. Isn't this where carrot cake came from during the war because they'd no fruit to put in the cake they put in grated carrot?
  4. Belgravia I don't think it is as good as Mr Fellowe's Downton Abbey but still watchable. The main actors are so wooden especially the two main females who to me look like sisters rather than enemies. I can't tell one from the other unless they're stood together.
  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the NHS workers and all the volunteers who are out there risking their own lives for old sods like me. I have stayed in for the last 10 days and up to now not had to relie on any one but it's a nice thought that someone would be there if needed.
  6. Hold your horses, she hasn't even had the baby yet. I don't think anyone envies his job at the moment. Bet Corbyn's glad he didn't get in.
  7. Solicitors are advised not to do any power of attorneys if the person in question has Alzheimers or has not got sound frame of mind. When we did ours we had to get it signed at the bottom by someone ( not a family member) to say at the time of signing the person in question meaning me , was of sound frame of mind. If all the paper work is carried out after the person has been diagnosed with Alzheimers it will not be valid. I know someone where this has happened .
  8. Just heard from a friend a bin man who said he was discusted at all the waste food they've been shifting on their rounds. Says it all doesn't it, just think of the money they could have saved and other members of the public that could have been fed. I suggest all those with bulging food cupboards to take some to the food banks.
  9. Our Sheffield slang as kids we always said ' Puatmeon'.
  10. I think we should all thank the medical staff who are doing a fantastic job trying to keep us healthy while risking their own lives. THANK YOU , we are very grateful . And also to the volunteers who are helping the old and vulnerable who are isolating and have no one else to help them. THANK YOU very much, there are some good people in the world. Not all selfish shelf strippers.
  11. Think positive, we can do it. Remember, Britain needs you.
  12. A full roll? My she must have a big bum. I remember when there was a toilet roll shortage some years ago but I cannot remember the reason for it but being a member of the Dial House Club we use to visit at the weekends. The committee found out that the ladies were pinching the rolls and putting them in their handbags. They had a meeting and decided that when the ladies went to the loo they had to go to the chairman's little box and ask for paper, he use to tare them two squares off. True story wouldn't happen today. How embarrassing was that.
  13. Chris Rea , Road to Hell.
  14. Not in Lidl yesterday, and why are all the eggs getting snapped up, they don't keep that long.
  15. Yes I heard that, they're obviously better mannered people than our lot.
  16. The small corner shops seem to have everything, give them the custom. My local chemist has all the toiletries including toilet rolls.
  17. Wow what a pessimistic Mr Glum you are.
  18. Going back to the olden days where you use to tap at the little side window of the pub (the off sales ) and hand them your enamel jug to fill full of beer. I use to get sent as a kid and they always served me even though they knew I was under age. This is a great idea for pubs, at least it will keep their heads above water. I wonder if the small restaurants will do the same thing with takeaway meals.
  19. I never use to like Roy Hudd when he was young but then I saw him in the TV series Lipstick on your Collar, he played a dirty old man and I thought what a good actor he was. I've liked him ever since. Many years later I wrote an article about old time music halls to a magazine and out of the blue he wrote me a lovely short letter. I've still got it somewhere, bless him.
  20. Where do they store all this stuff? The shop keepers and multi stores may be rubbing their hands with glee at the moment but when all this blows over the shops will be empty because most people will have enough anyway.😃
  21. What difference does it make, you can always change channels if you don't like .
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