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    Life's tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.
  2. Well known in the area and those who use to work at the mill, most districts have their well known characters from the past. And yes I prefer Barnsley town centre to Sheffield.
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    Lawyers believe a man is innocent until proven broke. Robin Hall
  4. Joe Swash, I know he can't help his voice but maybe if he kept his mouth shut just a little and stopped getting over excited it would help .
  5. So much so that Barnsley is now claiming Oughtibridge is now in Barnsley. The new development being built on the old Oughtibridge paper mill had plans to name some of the roads after past well known people who use to live in Oughtibridge but the Barnsley Council object as they see it as mostly connected to Barnsley. There seems to be a Barnsley Sheffield border which is dictated by the River Don and Barnsley has the majority in this argument as well.
  6. No but we've had a Billy wind and a Jack frost.
  7. just finished watching the last of The White House Farm murders. It was very well put together and for a change you could hear every thing they were saying, no mumbling here. There is more to the early years of this story it appears Sheila Caffells grandfather the Reverend Canon Jay played a part in the crowning of Queen Elizabeth 2nd on Coronation day. His unmarried daughter Christine had a baby in 1957 and was sent away to have the baby so no one would know. Reverend Jay wanted his baby granddaughter to be adopted to a good home so he approached his old RAF friend and his childless wife , hence the Bambers. Sheila Bamber grew up with their other adopted child Jeremy who she didn't particularly like and she didn't get on with her step mother but she did like her step father. She suffered from depression and decided to trace her birth mother Christine, when she found her they got on like a house on fire which helped her with her depression. Then this tragic event happened at the farm. Her husband still kept in touch with her birth mother and I'm just about to read his book which I bought today, should be interesting reading. In Search of the Rainbows End. Colin Caffell.
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    When the white missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said ' Let us pray . ' We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land. Desmond Tutu.
  9. What? He's never off the telly, adverts , everything in fact I'm getting fed up of seeing him. Give someone else a chance that's what methinks.
  10. I get these every so often, I just tell them I haven't got a washing machine and I take my washing down to the river and bash em on to the rocks. Last night I got 3 calls in a matter of 30 minutes telling me about free new boilers that are available. Although I'm registered with the nuisance call service some calls still get through but what I can't understand is how can these people do this job? They must get some abuse because I've been known to dish some out if they have caught me at the wrong time. I'd rather clean the pubs toilet if I was so desperate for a job.
  11. My God, are you having a laugh! 😄
  12. 😅 sorry to the OP but this was funny, well I thought so .
  13. Well said. The weak minded and the gullible. They can't help it , it's how they're made.
  14. Last of the warriors. My favourite film of his was Lonely are the Brave in black and white. An escaped prisoner trying to make it over the border on horseback, when he finally made it on a dark and rainy night he gets knocked off his horse on a motorway . His horse and best pal has to be shot but it never let's you know if he survives. What is your favourite Kirk Douglas film?
  15. Harry is now under Meghans thumb/spell, oh what love can do.
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    After the game, the King and the pawn go into the same box. Italian proverb.
  17. Doesn't make sense does it as running always makes the mouth dry.
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    Having money doesn't make you happier. I have 50 million dollars but I'm just as happy as when I had 48 million. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  19. Never knew that, if I couldn't get parked in disabled I would always pay, the only way to get out of car park so I thought. I have also drove straight pass when seeing the full sign to spend time driving round and round, I now take a taxi, easier but expensive. Yes that was amazing, bet it wouldn't work for me.
  20. Definitely Cambridge Street near Nel's Bar if any one remembers that.
  21. I'll go along with that, I think he was just trying to be a smarty pants and it back fired on him.
  22. So who votes for this tripe, never seen any opportunity to vote anywhere. Maybe you should be able to vote on line.
  23. I'm not into Shakespeare but when I read it, excuse my ignorance but I couldn't make head or tail of what he was suppose to be meaning so how could anyone fish a bit of racism out of that? As John Wayne once said "Who wrote this <removed> anyway?"
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