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  1. Yes I remember my coach trips to Cleethorpes with the local Working Mens Club, how we use to look forward to them because it was the only holiday we had. I went recently and feeling nostalgic I had a look for the Victoria Cafe but it looks as though it has been demolished. As for vicDs post, I never knew anyone who went out of the UK for holidays in the 60s, it must have been the more well off.
  2. I've just read that book too, I just can't get my head around the fact that there were so much gold and diamonds around in those days, I'm sure there wasn't within the working class in Britain. Then I started to wonder if parts of the story was just fiction.
  3. But weren't this girl in question around 17 or 18, hardly a child.
  4. When you pass away you won't hear anything. Who's Ian Wright?
  5. I'm glad you have, I wouldn't have liked to have lived near you.
  6. I'm not that interested in the woman to notice how her name is spelt, who cares.
  7. But did we complain ? No it was all quite normal to us, everyone was in the same boat, we never knew any better until many years later when things improved for us all. I don't regret those days it just makes us appreciate what we have today . My grandson thought I was kidding him when I told him our toilet was at the bottom of the yard and a shared one at that, two households to each toilet.
  8. They accuse Boris Johnson of lying what about Jo Swindon? On her leaflets it says Jo Swindon the next Prime Minister, lies lies lies. . . as if.
  9. Stone hot water bottles were for the better off, we had the fire brick or the oven plate which was taken out of the blacklead oven then wrapped in an old piece of sheet or blanket, it seemed to stay warm all night.
  10. Vinny Jones wasn't as good as last week but I do like watching Martin Bashir even though he forgot his words he's still got style.
  11. Has the Loxley Brewery any connections to the Bradfield Brewery?
  12. Anyone remember Wiggy [Michael Wigfall ] from that area?
  13. That's right, it's hard to remember how it was then but I do know it was 1975 when I moved into one of those newly built houses at the side of the Scarborough Arms.
  14. It was always mam at our house too, not mum.
  15. I have spent a week looking to buy a poppy but yesterday when in town I called in a newsagents, no poppies so I walked further on and just by off chance called in the flower shop on Surrey Street who did have some on their counter but sorry I didn't buy any flowers. I did see some in Tesco today.
  16. I think if you were looking up from the Scarborough pub it would have been Addy street. Sadly another pub now gone.
  17. Sounds plausible to me, as you say the regular users of the road would get used to seeing them and they would get ignored until . .
  18. I remember that one too, we must have come from the same street 😃
  19. Bins? We we had long brown paper bags with a wire mesh around it on a stand but the foxes still got to them scrounging.
  20. They're not so smart after all, common sense should have told them so before waiting until someone got killed.
  21. My mother was always telling us to stop mimi morking Pulling faces behind peoples back.
  22. I believe carosio was saying that with tongue in cheek but it obviously went over your heads.
  23. I did drive slowly, you can't do anything but on South road and it definitely says Bistro above the premises. False description.
  24. Because it's crap, not a patch on the old Castle Market.
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