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  1. Thanks- found something very interesting! A great help!
  2. Hey everyone, I wondered if anyone could put me in touch with a local choir. I'm not really looking for a religious choir, but I am very experienced and would love to be part of a choir in Sheffield! Any suggestions much appreciated! Seasons Greetings! xx
  3. Hey there! If he's still trying to get through I work for Hallam Union and here are some numbers which might work... (0114) 225 8900 or (0114) 225 8910. Good luck to him!
  4. I too suffer with a serious phobia of pigeons and for you to say 'get over it' it absolutely ridiculous and completely ignorant. To have a phobia of something which is in your every day life, and you can't go anywhere without encountering it is a really scary thing. you should think yourself lucky that you can go shopping/walk down a street without being terriified.
  5. There will be a fantastic music quick taking place at the frog and parrott on Division Street this Wednesday (25th Jan) from 8pm onwards- all welcome!
  6. Oh, I know what you mean, my flatmate has one. Think she got hers from the Gadget Shop. Hope this helps.
  7. As a Shift manager of two years in many McDonalds stores around the country, I speak from experience when I tell you that McDonalds employee's can eat what ever they like, but they are restricted to the 'crew room' for the 45mins that they are on their break, unless they smoke or need to go the shop etc. It is also definately true that parents with babies can get their baby food warmed by the staff and the baby can enjoy it whereever he/she likes.
  8. I think all pigeons should be caught. They are the most disgusting creatures in the world, and it really annoys me when people feed them. I have an extremly bad phobia of birds and can often be seen screaming whilst running down the moor. It really annoys me when people dont understand how scared of them I am. Does anybody share my fear and ditest for the vermin?
  9. Just got my ticket too! For the add on date at manc- cant wait!
  10. I went for a friends birthday, and foound the food disgusting, the service appauling and the atmosphere crap. I shall not be eating there agian
  11. Can anyone suggest a good Yoga class to attend? Ideally near Ecclesall road? I cant seem to find one anywhere!
  12. Go to Edale! I just gor back from theis awesome farm where the farmer just lets you do what you want! £2 a night and a 20 min walk to cafe, shop and pub- perfect, and just three train stops away!
  13. Less mindless plugging, more offering you an oppurtunity to knit for free with people who enjoy it!
  14. Fancy some knitting action on the sunshine? Then why not join the Sheffield Knitterati as they soak up the sun, listen to music and knit along to the rhythm. Free yarn, needles and knitting expertise will be provided courtesy of Rowan. Novices and experts equally welcome!! Come and join us 12pm while 9 at The Devonshire Jam '05 on Devonshire Green, just off division street and join the knitting revolution!
  15. You heard correctly- there is an amazing music festival on this saturday. It is taking place on Devonshire Green (Just next to the forum) and will run from 12pm until 9pm. The programme of the day includes Dj sets from the likes of Riddimtion, Urban Gorilla, Pepermint Loungin' and Stealth Assassin. Whilst the Live Band Stage will be showcasing music from local bands such, Daybreak, Ecanasia, Dangerlust, Mothership, The agents, Cellarhigh, Ormondroyd and Champion Kickboxer- to name but a few. It is not just restricted to music- it is a great family day out too as we have loads of stuff going on for kids too, including a 'make-your-own-instruments' workshop which culminates in a Jam. There is also a fantasric array of fairly traded or organic scran on offer from around the world to keep you going, or why not take a trip through the 'Bazaarr' and have a look at the arts and crafts on offer? Fun guarenteed!! Tell your friends! And pray that the rain keeps off........!
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