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  1. Hi my boyfriend is looking to join a darts team around the s5 area or near to, he is just starting out and is looking to gain some experience. Does anyone know of any teams that are looking for new players. Thanks
  2. didn't know if anyone had had one removed and if they charged you for removal
  3. hi does anyone know how i can have a telestar alarm removed from a council house i am currently paying £3 a week for this alarm and have just purchased one of my own. thanks in advance
  4. Hi I had a male cat with same problem was back and forth to vets they suggested changing his meat to wet food instead of dry I would definitly go back to the vets though about the blood in urine . hope everything turns out ok xx
  5. hi does anyone know how much a day saver is on the x78 from sheffield to doncaster. Is it a south yorkshire saver i need thanks in advance
  6. after witnessing a dog attack another dog this week my thoughts are with the op it is a horrible experince i would report this incident to the police as i did and they were very helpful. next time it could be 100 times worse. hope you and your dog are ok xx
  7. i'm not wanting this to turn into a slagging off of certain dogs I am just concerned about the lady, dog and child just hope they are all ok
  8. five of when i left the police were attending the dog was on a lead it didn't belong to the lady who was holding it I don't know if the owner came along or not
  9. five of the attacking dog was a brown colour
  10. i didn't know what breed it was just that it was a b and w dog medium sized
  11. i have a yorkie and i am now petrified of taking her out i think ALL dogs no matter what breed should be kept on leads in public areas
  12. i was at bottom near roundabout with garage on left and tesco,shops on right is it moonshine lane the road leading up opposite
  13. just witnessed an awful attack on a black and white dog by a staffi type dog on southey crescent lady was walking her dog with her child not sure how old when staffi came out of nowhere and locked on to her dogs neck and ear i ran down shirecliffe road and manged to stop a man in car to help i felt so useless. managed to get dog off and a lady got a lead on to it and held it on floor. If anyone knows how the black and white dog is i would really like to know the poor lady was in a right state and i know she was taking it to abbey vets on halifax rd i'm still in shock it was a frightening sight . i have a small yorkie and what this poor dog, lady and child went through is horrendous my thoughts are with her and i would really like to know how they are all
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