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  1. In fairness the fact that the manager/moderator has attempted to explain the issue in such detail atleast shows they care, or need to keep there job Personally speaking if we had this imaginery showing over at my place and everyone turned up but the DVD didnt, then I would atleast be as courtious as to offer a free alternatative or free next time around. At the end of the day its only a film, but when something similar happened in another cinema we was offered free vouchers.
  2. Steve Jobs is not actually the co-founder of Apple. He did however have alot to do with the iPhones so his opinion and/or comments would be most intresting.
  3. Which one? Steve Jobs is the co-founder of Apple. George Hotz is most famous for unlocking (jail-breaking) the iphone 2g when he was only 17.
  4. Cant find anything through search engines, but so many people trying to impersonate George Hotz its hard to know whats real. Speaking of George Hotz anyone know what he is doing in terms of study or a career.
  5. If for example I have two folders, folder 1 and folder 2. Both in seperate locations. On the same PC offcourse. Is it possible to copy folder 1, rename it and place it in a different section but each time I add or delete files from folder 1 the same happens to folder 2? Im not wanting a shortcut link because If I then wanted to back up folder 2 it wouldnt back up the files. The reason I ask is with all my work files all over the place, I would just like to create a single folder where I've copied them all into it, and as they update so does the back up folder.
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-south-asia-11062184 Did anyone see the video footage it is horrific beyond explanation. Is this Islamic law, or is it a crazy mob?
  7. nope, atleast it wont suggested when i was posting. regardless, this thread is more about trying to get my questions answered than the link.
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-10996804 Never had my car clamped or even a ticket issued, but I would like to know what you can and cant do when it does happen. Firstly Im not even sure how clamping works, do they leave the clamps on til you pay the fine and then release or do they transport the car somewhere. In the link above once they had clamped the car, what differnence does it make if the driver decides im just going to sit in car?
  9. I am ashamed to call some people in this thread by fellow beings. I had £1,000 to send a child to be with a family member who was going to have an operation in America, they seem to have sorted it and therefore that money and more is going to buy food and supplies for the victims of the Pakistan floods.
  10. Some people are stupid and think everyone in a country thinks/feels/does the same. I'd think they have the ability to use a computer and come on sheffield forum, and see conflicting opinions so why cant there brains comprehend that the same thing happens in pakistan or any other country anywhere. If im not mistaken they fasting season starts soon aswell.
  11. anyone aware of what happened to the 2yr old.
  12. I guess Im not going to be taken up on my offer, Ah well there is plenty of people in Pakistan with the current floods who can use the help.
  13. this kid has an attitude problem, but he made them sorry for every second of the video. sinical to think if the camera wasnt filming it would have ended otherwise?
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