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  1. My Mom used to go to Margery Robinsons in Greenhill village once a month and have a shampoo, cut and set using Armami setting lotion. She then went home washed and set it herself because they always put kiss curls coming down onto her forehead which she hated but she never asked them not to do it.
  2. There is an excellant camp site at Skipsea near Hornsea, good clean facilities and swimming baths with steam room and sauna.
  3. Your right staff safety has never been a priority, staff never seem to get any proper consideration. Perhaps we should be asking what happens to the money being paid for the monthly permits and parking fees? Could this money not have been used to provide safe and adequate parking for all.
  4. I have a dog and agree that dogs should not be allowed in any childrens playing area. There are plenty of areas to excercise dogs off the lead. Please Please will all dog owners scoop after their dog poops and place it in the bins provided, it's your dog so it's your responcibility, stop getting the rest of us who always scoop a bad press.
  5. Hi to get to the print room you had to go up a very narrow winding staircase and it was next to the shipping department, but the hacksaw dept was further down the road from there. It was always very hot and very noisy in the print room.
  6. I worked in the print room at James Neills when I left school in 1972. My Mom worked there when she was 16 in 1944, then returned to work there in the 70's till she retired. She used to go fishing with the ladies fishing club and I remember her talking about some of the people mentioned on here.
  7. Just wondering if your a relation, because my Grandmother on my Dad's side lived on Cutts Terrace and she lived there with my Dad who had 3 brothers during the war till they were pulled down ???? Could be cousins!!!
  8. Admiral on Birley Moor Rd, excellant fish lovely crispy batter and the chips are always freshly cooked. Worse one any chippie with lots of grease ugh.
  9. Guinness and Makeson Ebony and Nightshade
  10. no one interested
  11. Flaming Dragon at Centretainment Centre is excellant Food is lovely plenty of choice to suit everyone and the icecream is like Mr Whippy MMMMMMMM
  12. I joined this group the other day I need some friends to make me stay. You all seem so nice and cool I will hang around or i would be a fool.
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