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  1. Thanks Dars. Carterhall and Kiveton both on my list. Now to just manage to get time to go...!!
  2. That's great, thanks. Carterhall is closer to me then Bradley, i fished there one evening and it was nice and quiet - Not tried it at a weekend so may have a drive down one day and take another look. Kiveton I will also go and have a look at and give it a go... Do they sell any bait there by any chance? I often fish on pellet as I tend to go Sunday morning and there isn't many places to get maggots for when I fancy a change. That is one good thing about Aston, the bait bar on site.
  3. Unfortunately, it's true. The looks they can give you if you're doing something they don't quite agree on it very off putting - Hence why i avoid Aston Park now, as it's match after match. The guys in the bait bar are always hekpful, I'll give the mcredit for that, and I will go there if there isn't a match on. Don't get me wrong, not all of them are the same, but sometimes the minority spoil it for the majority. I guess I'll just tick to Bradleys for now as it's what I know.
  4. Thanks, I'll have a look through. Anyone got any experience with some of these places that could help too? Which to avoid, which ones are quiet but good for a bit of pleasure fishing etc.
  5. Good morning all, I'm looking for some places to go "Pleasure fishing" around the Sheffield area. I'm fairly new to fishing, so still getting to grips with everything. I have been to Aston Park Fisheries a couple of times but it's always so busy with matches and "intimidating" anglers. I'm wanting somewhere that is fairly quiet that I can just head out (Usually over a weekend), and not have to sit on a peg next to someone else who looks down on us novices! I usually go to Bradleys at Ford, but I'm looking for other areas to venture out to!
  6. I found some keys Yesterday on Intake. If you can tell me exactly how the keys looks (Keyring, how many keys ect) I will arrange to get them back to you. If no one claims them, I will get rid of them. Thought I'd pick them up and at least try find who they belong to.
  7. Food was average. Steak was as tough as leather boots. I won't be going back in a hurry.
  8. Does anyone know where Woody's work place is? I recognise it... But I bet it's not even in Sheffield! lol
  9. I had major problems in the S12 area. Lost nearly all channels bar BBC... Typical, I can only get the channels which are terrible to watch!
  10. Anyone know whats happend around this pub today around 5pm? Was on my way home from work and was quite a few people stood around and a lot of police cars on the way there?
  11. Bit late, but I believe both cars were FIATS and both white. One was deffo a Bravo. Hope everyone is OK, looked pretty bad as I drove past, around 9:05am
  12. Cheers. We have a "roof", netting over the water and a Heron on the roof so far!
  13. Get a plastic/fake heron if you don't already have one. Stick it around the pond somewhere. Other heron's won't come to the pond if a heron is already there. We've had no problems with out pond.
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