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  1. The lads at the sites are not paid by the council get the facts right????
  2. I disagree the lads on minimum Wages out in all weathers end of the day THEASE are recycling centers not tips no more av been to the Blackstock site and the shire green one allways find them very helpfull
  3. Ok will delete one this far the advise
  4. I no my hubby comes on here is that a problem?
  5. na still the same is the phone broke then
  6. av the usb logo on screen says connect to itunes iav connected to i tunes did the restore but still nothink just get the logo bk any idears pls wud be grate full many thxs
  7. Why is there only one dumip site open unreal
  8. We do need the tips open 7 days a week and stop all the fly tipping ?
  9. Fly tipping sheffield here we come gunna happen ?
  10. Drew42 u are bang right why shud we the public suffer i say get behind the lads on strike and get them open seven days a week so we can go to the tip wen we want not wen they want us to
  11. The man in charge of sova worked far veolia if u read between the lines does that tell u anythink ?
  12. Veolia av the contract from the council and veolia sub it to sova veolia and sova make **** loads of money from the sites is just us the public what suffer the lads are striking not far more money just to keep the sites open 7 days a week as they shud be we pay our taxes far this fair play to the lads hope u do win this fight so we can all go to the tip wen we want
  13. was waiting 0ne hour to get in to blackstock road tip what a joke and found out they will be closed every tue wed and thurs so come weekend will be in a longer queue sheffield city council need to sort this out quick our city will be full of fly tippers
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