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  1. i am 78year old, and i sent my daughter a birthday card with some money inside.but i didn't remember to put a stamp on it,she never got it .she phoned the local post depot and they told her that if they got any mail with no stamp it was burnt
  2. it was outside a pub on the way to skegness, just before you came to dunham bridge toll gate 'can't remember the name of the pub but will allways remember looking for the bear when we were on the working mens club trips. left hand side
  3. thank you for your concern, ---------- Post added 20-09-2018 at 01:10 ---------- thank you to all the people who stopped to help my partner when she fell trying to avoid the falling fences.i'm sad to say she ended up in a@e till 8.30,she has two black eye's a swollen nose and badly brused chin and knee's,she also had mild coccusion,thankfully we are home now and she is resting,i would like to say a big thank you again to the kind people who stopped to help her.
  4. sorry smary, I can't, then again my memory is not as good s it use'd to be.i seem to recall the names, but can't be sure.sorry.
  5. hi,my mame is mick Hawley, I was born on wolfe rd in 1941,went to foxhill school in 1946,then on to Meynell rd.i remember the grubb family,i was in the same class as bruce grubb,it was before your mum.if I remember right I advised bruce to get a job on the Sheffield transport, and seem to remember him thanking me and saying it was the best thing he had ever done,i think that was the last time I saw bruce,he will be 76 now the same age as me,i remember there was an article in the Sheffield star about your big family.
  6. i shawn, hope you are all well and have had a good christmas and new year, tell bruce i have tried to get him on skype but he didn't seem to have been logged on over christmas, have you been away ,i will try and get him one day next week.all the best mick.
  7. thanks bricky1,yes it was , all methods caught,winner 129lbs ,second 127lbs,must say i lost loads of fish , but then again so did most of the lads, some big fish in there now.have learned a few lessons and would up my line and hook size,unfortunaty two little to late,but we learn something every time we go fishing.
  8. thank you for your reply bricky1,fished match today sun 17th,match was on the island,drew peg 8 on the end of the island,fished mostly sweetcorn just off the point of the island , came third with 93 lbs,great match lowest weight was 68lbs,,tight lines.
  9. fishing a match on the heron lake at woodhouse grange, any tips would be really appreciated. thank you.
  10. found two bicycle wheels front and back,look new, been dumped,s8
  11. tyrham hall. doncaster.try their website.
  12. sharrowvale rd ,they have a christmas market tommorow ,there is a man who sells real christmas tree's, great day out as well,
  13. Roney;s sharrowvale rd,very large hocks for £2.99
  14. chocolate will kill rats and mice.but do not put it down if you have dogs,
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