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  1. Any recommendations for local architects used for extension. That can provide advice/guidance and approx costs to see if the extension i would like will be in my budget before i spend money on detailed plans. Looking for architects used by others locally in Sheffield S5. Thanks
  2. Any recommendations for garage conversion/kitchen extension builders. Anyone had one done recently that can recommend as finding it difficult to find genuine reliable builders with references and recommendations. Work to be carried out in S5.
  3. Would a builder be able to advise on costs if they came out or would i need to get drawings/plan before they can give approx costs?
  4. Hi, Thank you for the responses. It is just single brick wall on the end and the other side which is joined to the house is the outer brick of the house. The roof of garage is wood and then felt on top. If i wanted approx costs would it be best to get quotes from builders that do extensions or do they only give cost indication if they have plans? Thank you as you can probably tell this is very new territory for me.
  5. Hi, Am wondering if someone can point me in the right direction or advise. I have a semi detached house with the garage attached to the side of the property and at the back of the garage have some steps and link into the Kitchen. I would like to convert the garage into a room so i can use it as a large living room, with a utility/storage room. I have no idea on how much this would cost and how to proceed. 1. Will i need planning permission for this? 2. Who can i contact to advise on costs and design? Would an architect do this or can i go straight to a builder and ask. Would they not need design to give approx costs? I don't want to be spending money on an architect i.e. xxx amount on a design if the actual cost of doing this work is more than i can afford. Anyone been through getting their garage converted any ideas on cost/budget or advice would be much appreciated. Apologies for my lack of knowledge on this topic but its my first home and would like to get it renovated before i can move in providing i can afford to get this work carried out. Thanks
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