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  1. Just rang him to ask, Derby let him down by the sounds of it....However he's been in the working mans club as he does on a sunday and it's hard to get any sense out of him until after 8pm when he sobers up P.S. Matt Jnr Shoreham4eva's son
  2. Thanks for the explanation Iceberg mate.... as for my lack of forum time I am pretty much a busy chap working up and down the country grabbing a salary in a pretty bleak time for employment which obviously eats up the tim I have to read drabble on here. Gutted to see how much it's gone downhill though as it seems to have gone from 60% good discussion, 40% nonsense to 90% of the latter these days. As for my original post, I'm not knocking wednesday recent form at all.. Statistics speak for themselves and The Owls form before today cannot be grumbled at. However I can grumble at a good few Owls fans on here who have been blowing the blue and white trumpet since mandaric's takeover. With heads as big as tango belt size they've sat speaking complete and utter nonsense without taking a second to think about anything......One point I will make out is during your Bleak spell when administration loomed and the support of fans was desperate this lot weren't on the terraces were they?...... Anyway the last week it's all pretty much gone to some peoples heads and it's been a constant attept to have a pop at United, therefore all I am trying to point out with this thread is that it comes back to bite you in the a**e..........this game called football does that!
  3. excuse me lettuce? care to put that in english for me?
  4. I rarely post on here these days as every time I come on for a quick read it seems 80% of threads get hi-jacked and turn into stupidity leading to mass insults and numerous bans! However......... Having had a lot of time free this week i've had a good read on here every other day browsing numerous posts that could only be described as over confident Owls fans gloating, people who I feel have been extremely quiet during the time when the boat was rocking in S6 during the last few months, but since Mandaric came in they have suddenly lost the voluntary laringitis as found their voices again. Up until this morning Owls fans have constantly chanted two words alately: Relegation being the main one.....Well i'm not saying theres not a possibility however a nice hard fought result against 3rd in the league can't be grumbled at can it! (but I guess as far as wendesday fans are concerned with their rose tinted specs that tend to block our reality, this was obviously a flash in the pan and we are still doomed). Promotion being the second one....In comes Mandaric and a fe consecutive results against mediocre league one teams and all of a sudden Wednesday are world beaters who were to walk the league in style to gain easy promotion, to follow this Mandaric would then give Irvine a credit card with a limit of £10million to sign new players, which in turn would see Wednesday folow on from this season and walk the championship pushing for automatic promotion!!!!! Everything looked so well and so easy and they were so much better than United!!!!! And therefore this is where the word IRONY comes in!....The gloves is on the other hand tonight fella's, A dismal Owls performance down at lowly Exeter getting licked to say the least! I don't know about you but had we been the league one team getting turned over 5-1 like you guys were today, Ashamed would be a massive understatement! And all this while we sit back breathing a nice sigh after watching United (far from form) might I add, battle and earn the points against a top of the league outfit............. Until the next game wendy's it's very much a point advantage to us.....and to finish my post I raise this glass in my hand to the failure of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club today whilst listening to this very fitting track! BREAKING NEWS FLASH:- The Met office have just issued a severe weather warning for Sheffield and the surrounding areas.....apparently a massive shower of <removed> is on it's way up towards up from Exeter!!!
  5. Hey up mate don't know if it's of any help to you but I used to work for Wetherspoons and up to a few month ago when I left they were still actively supporting more or less every single sponsorship request that went in to them. Soooo i'd recommend either nipping in to your local spoons or the one at hillsborough and asking for a quick word with the manager who will fill in a referal form with you and submit it off to head office. Alternatively use the link below to submit a contact us form to the head office directly....on the drop down tab select reccomend a charity which also goes through to the sponsorship department........Explain all of the circumstance, explain the reason behind your name and also throw in a little about the clubs place in the community and what it means to you lot to be part of the team...... It also works if you tell them that upon sponsoring you, you will contact the local press to tell them of your help as well as sending them a photo of your team in the new kit or whatever baring the Wetherspoons logo. http://www.jdwetherspoon.co.uk/home/contact Personally I don't think you will go far wrong by doing the above, good luck anyway mate and if you need anymore help don't hesitate to contact me.......
  6. Why thank you kind sit, but for how long after my jokes Lets hope the mods have a spirt of early xmas spirit......
  7. I don't post on the forum very often any more as I have family commitments but upon logging on tonight and seeing this I am deeply deeply saddened, one of the friendliest people I have had the pleasure of having a conversation with, all be it an online one but never the less enjoyable. A true gent who went out of his way to explain things to you, a very logical thinker and very rational in what he said.....I only just found out his age on this thread and to be honest and please take this as a compliment I believed him to be much older because he spoke a lot of sense in a lot of what he said, very wise man. Deeply saddened to see another one of SF's top guys leave us. R.I.P Fella, will raise a glass for you tomoro!
  8. Sorry if this one has already been covered, did a quick search and could'nt see any threads on it so I thought I would cover it as a matter of interest. Soooo Owls get another home draw against Hartlepool United in the Quarter Final draw, not the easiest of Draws by any means however Wednesday can draw a huge amount of confidence from the fact that they licked Hartlepool at home earlier this season therefore have the resources to do it again. I Predict a Home Win.....Possibly again via Penalties. Full draw as following: Northern Section Carlisle United v Crewe Alexandra Rotherham United v Huddersfield Town Bury v Accrington Stanley / Stockport County (TBC) Sheffield Wednesday v Hartlepool United Southern Section Swindon Town v Brentford Plymouth Argyle v Exeter City Southend United v Charlton Athletic Wycombe Wanderers v Bristol Rovers Ties to be played during the week commencing 8th November 2010.
  9. Its not different at all, I have exactly the same opinion of blades who stay away from the lane, crawling out of the woodwork when united achieve anything half decent.....The way I see it is if you don't go and watch your team then what real right have you to comment truthfully about how they have played or how they are doin? the truth is radio sheffields reporters are absolute garbage....and the 30 sec TV highlights don't say anything....... Stay away fans in my opinion are'nt fans, SIMPLE.......
  10. I havent missed a game yet this season sunshine and don't intend on doing.
  11. But whilst sat using my phone im investing money into my club, which is more than your doing crookesey.....Wednesday start winning a few games in the 3rd flight of english football and suddenly your the best thing since sliced bread, yet you lot can only voice what the Voice of Radio Sheffield can tell you. Maybe Wednesday recovery from their debt ridden state would happen more quickly if you stay at home supporters actually attended games, rather than blowing your trumpet comfortably from your settee??? Whether im on my phone or not, IM AT THE GAME, PAYING MONEY AND SUPPORTING MY TEAM........when u start doing that then you have the right to spout off!
  12. You will find my Iphone is subscribed to certain threads on here out of interest, so I decided to point out a simple fact....What can I say tho Pink at least I actually follow my team home and away. :hihi: Your point would have been a slightly valid if you actually followed your team!... sssshhhhhhhh
  13. Nice to see your all away following your team lads as per usual, obviously armchair_dog is'nt the only armchair supporter on here hey? And before you say anything i'm writing this using my mobile phone whilst sat comfortable watching United on the south Stand. And noooo the game is'nt boring we actually look quite decent.
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