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  1. I've had a quick look at your facebook site and the craft stuff is lovely but can I ask what your background is? I am looking for some dressmaking lessons. I have my own sewing machine which I can use for basic functions, eg have made my own cushion covers and curtains in the past and have made basic skirts for myself and costumes for fancy dress and followed patterns on occasion to do so, but I am wanting to make a dress for a special occasion and it needs to look good, not homemade! I can see you offer lessons on using commercial patterns, but would you be able to teach me how to make/adapt patterns? I have an idea of what I want to make, but can't find an existing pattern. I have a dress that fits nicely and I would like to copy the style of, and have seen patterns that have a similar skirt but not the crossover top. Is this something you would be able to help me with?
  2. We have one collie/springer and he has spent a lot of holidays with us in the T25 and now in the T5. My old 25 had a full width bed and when he was a puppy his crate went on the bed next to us, leaving us plenty of room still for the two of us. We loved the full width bed as it gave us room and flexibility. When I went to the alps it meant that three of us could sleep across the back relatively comfortably when I wanted to pull over and sleep on the drive down (I was the only driver and Leeds to Switzerland in one go was too much!). We didn't want to lose this feature when we got the new van, so when we had it converted we went for the full width bed again. We are trying to be stricter with our dog now, and make him sleep on the floor in his bed (after a week of coming with us when mountain biking, running, etc, he doesn't smell so good and I don't think many campsites approve of showering your dog in the facilities!) When we're staying in one place for a few nights we put up the awning and he sleeps in that.
  3. Well as you've now indicated you're looking at a T25 or a Bay, I'm glad I didn't post loads about my T5! I used to own a T25 and loved it. Had it 5 years and in that time only had three breakdowns, one which I fixed myself with tin foil (?!) by the side of the road, one which my boyfriend fixed having bought the parts for £50 (garage tried to charge us £300), and one where the spark plugs needed sorting. Not bad for the mileage I did in it, went to the Alps and back 4 times, Isle of Skye, etc and no problems other than the ones I mentioned. Did 70mph on the motorway no problem. Had it converted to LPG which took some of the petrol costs down. It was really comfortable and fun to drive, although the lack of power steering was a struggle when manoeuvring in tight spaces! I'd definitely recommend the T25 for trips around the UK. The reason I sold it and bought a T5 was the trip down to Devon when we broke down. As mentioned above we fixed it ourselves for the cost of parts, but to do so we had to cut our holiday short as we couldn't keep driving around for another week before fixing it and the garage were going to charge us £300 which we didn't want to pay. I was very attached to it and it was a difficult decision but given the amount of use we get out of our camper, it was worth us going for the newer model before more things started to go wrong and I started pouring money into it. The main concern was breaking down in Europe. We're travelling round Europe for 5 weeks in our T5 this summer and spent 10 days in it in the Netherlands over Easter. We've found that as long as you avoid devon and cornwall, the camper makes going away very affordable. Wales and the Lakes have plenty of places to park up off road, not on expensive campsites.
  4. Counting on from March 6th I think May 1st?
  5. Depends entirely on which model you are looking at? Bit of a difference between a split screen and a T5!
  6. Was busy varnishing floorboards so didn't make it! Next one clashes with the monthly Sheffield Knitpickers night (first Thursday of the month), so I'll put the following one on my calendar and make an effort to get there .
  7. I'd echo the you tube advice, and knittinghelp.com, which is where I always go for 'how to' tutorials. I taught myself to knit last year using Knitty Gritty, which I found incredibly easy to follow. Also the knitting groups. I go to Knitpickers which meet at Bungalow & Bears every first Thursday of the month from 4.30 onwards, and every third Sunday at Varsity (this Sunday) from 3. The city centre locations might suit?
  8. I've got one of these books: http://mochimochiland.com/ I made a monkey, a cockerel and an elephant which I sewed onto keyring chains as Christmas presents. They are fun and quick to make, and once you've made a few it's easy to adapt them to your own ideas . Amazon had the books quite cheaply when I bought mine.
  9. That's nice and local to me, if we've been rained off our plans to go camping later this week I might be able to pop in .
  10. Brilliant! Just reserved two of the plain dye fleece blankets at £2.99 each .
  11. Excellent idea, hadn't thought of that but I'm always buying fleece blankets from Ikea for the dog at £2.99 or less - brilliant!!
  12. I've realised that after a few months of heavy wear, chunky 100% wool hats totally lose their shape. The one I knitted for my boyfriend is now a tea cosy..... I wanted to start lining them with fleece, like they would be if you bought them, but my initial search suggests I can't get any for less than £7.95 a metre, and it's the thick stuff you'd use for a blanket rather than the microfleece stuff you'd use for a jumper or hat lining. That's what I found in John Lewis, but I'm getting similar prices online once you include postage. I don't really want to order online as I can't tell how thick it is. Anyone know where I can buy the thinner stuff? It's not the price I object to as much as it wasn't really what I was looking for.
  13. A skein of Rowan Colourscape Chunky, 100g of 100% lambswool in gorgeous shades of blue & jade green for £6.45. They had loads of wool, lots of it Rowan, at up to half price. Some of the £4+ balls reduced to £2+ etc.
  14. The John Lewis sale is actually pretty good! I picked up a gorgeous skein of wool usually out of my budget at half price! )
  15. Counting on fortnights from the 29th November, I'm guessing it's next week, 10th Tuesday. Unless something was adjusted over Christmas! I went a couple of times last year and am hoping to be able to get there a little more regularly this year .
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