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  1. Hi, I no longer live in Sheffield but am coming up this weekend and want to go to this restaurant. I can't find any presence for it online, is it still open? Thanks, Ellie
  2. Not a pub but there's a great little Italian which faces out onto the Cathedral, if you were to get off the tram there it's on the right hand side and do a £5 deal.
  3. Hi, my friends and I ordered takeaway from here last night and as always it was very good. We got a variety of dishes to share between three of us, all of which were delicious, and it only came to £30. It's a shame that not many people know of it as it makes a lovely change from the usual Indian / Chinese / fish and chips etc.
  4. I went to The York for roast yesterday and was mightily impressed. The service was efficient and friendly, decor is really nice now, they've got a great range of drinks and most importantly the food was delicious. I had the roast beef which came with a good mix of vegetables and a decent Yorkshire pud, all for £9.50. They also do roast pork and chicken as well as a number of non-roast dishes (my friend had pie).
  5. Hi, Does anyone know where I could buy pomegranate molasses in Sheffield? It tends to be used in Middle Eastern / North African cooking but I can't think of any specialist shops of that cuisine in Sheffield. Ellie
  6. I'm completely in favour of the census. As some of the other posters have mentioned it will be very handy for people in the future to trace their family history (in the way that previous census have been for us). For hundreds of years it has helped geographers track the development of societies around the world and in the present day it helps with things like town planning, transport, economic strategy and any part of demographic planning. It is an exercise that gives us a snapshot of our nation, I will be extremely interested to see the results.
  7. I hate to be all doom and gloom but I even if you get a mortgage I really think you will struggle. I got a mortgage in 2009 with 10% deposit and a far higher salary and there were only two companies who were willing to offer take me on. You need to consider as well that there are far more things to pay for than just the mortgage such as solicitors and surveyors fees, furnishing the property etc as well as the day-to-day costs like bills, home insurance etc. I bought my house for a little more than you say yours would be but I had a 10% deposit and I pay about £690 a month on house related things and that is with me splitting the bills with a housemate. On top of that there are the occasional problems you have to pay for, eg I paid £120 for a repair to my shower recently. I really think you would be better off saving for another year or so until you have 10% deposit otherwise you will struggle to keep your head above water.
  8. There is definitely a high demand for Japanese classes in Sheffield because it's a university city there tends to be a lot of students who want to travel and learn the basics of a language before they go. I went to Japan in December and I wish I had learnt before I went. In terms of food it depends very much what you are cooking. As Koorsty says the best way to do is cook large quantities of dishes and then freeze portions to use at a later day. On a Sunday I will make one or two soups which I have for lunch everyday and then I also make something like chilli or stir fry and freeze some of it for my dinners. Also make use of 2 for 1 deals or buy reduced food that is near its use by date and freeze it. Are you definitely in self-catered accommodation as some of the university rooms include food?
  9. Some business will pay you over minimum wage though and if you work in a restaurant you will also get a share of the tips which will boost your wage. I know that tipping doesn't occur in Japan but it is quite common place over here. Judging by the high standard of your English you could also consider doing private Japanese tuition as you could charge at least £10 an hour for that. £50 will be fine for your food per week, I tend to spend about £30 and eat fairly extravagantly, they key is being willing to cook it all yourself. I find that Morrisons is the cheapest supermarket. I also walk everywhere during the day time so as long as you live in areas such as Broomhill, Walkley, Crookes, Ecclesall, Netherthorpe, Sharrow or the city centre which are in walking distance of the university you will be fine. Hope that helps
  10. Ohayoou gozaimasu Radomu, The minimum wage is £5.93 per hour if you are 21 or over, or if £4.92 per hour if you are aged 18-20. Although the job market isn't thriving at the moment, I imagine you should be able to find a part-time kitchen job quite easily. Ellie
  11. Hi, On my walk to work this morning I noticed that Somerville Terrace was cordoned off with police tape, there was one particular house that had more tape around it, and a police car was blocking the entrance. Thanks
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