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  1. croft kennels corrina is fab with the dogs
  2. yep chasndave this is a simple thread folk asking if barkingmad licensed and insured your insurance wont cover you if not licensed all folks are asking are they licensed or not and if so whats the problem not responding its not a hard to answerca simple yes or no im sure we all vould work with them to get licensed if this is way forward at end of day its about your dogs welfare nothing else the ---------- Post added 12-08-2016 at 21:33 ---------- no price is too high to pay to be a reputable business inoften lose more than i make purely for care of dogs that has to come 1st always and im sure my customers would state that im sure many more do please find right one and please ask right questions
  3. my personal experience of a licensed homeboarder i would always want to meet and greet any prospective new clients in my own home with there dog whether i board 1 or more you get a feel whether the dog is suitable for your surroundings have a chat over the general welfare of the dog show new clients my homeboarding license and get them to fill in relevant paperwork over there dogs future stay .no disrepect you dont know if host families are taking more than 1 dog you will never know the answer as i keep stating folks were asking if barking mad are licensed and they havent had this answered if they are fantastic there insurance will be legit if not they will be operating with no insurance or license everyone has an opinion and i think most on here are concerned over the animals welfare you wouldnt take your child to a nursery until you have seen who will be looking after them and they have all correct procedures in place for your child .just same in my book but with dogs they are a precious thing and even more precious when in your care and looking after them thats why licenses and insurances should be in place with anyone in this business
  4. dont think anyone trying to make them look bad your missing the point folk asked if they had the correct boarding license as i have previously stated insurance void if no boarding license and if they have and they comply with all correct procedures of a home boarding business then they have no worries and folk new to the homeboarding business who wish to homeboard there dogs with any homeboarder just need to check the standards i have quoted and if they comply then theres not a problem but any reputable business , franchise whatever will be licensed first .
  5. as i previously stated if they are a legit company they will be fully licensed by the relevant council to offer homeboarding it is actually illegal to offer homeboarding and take payment for the service if not licensed .insurance wont cover anything if a business or company do not have the relevant license if you had a meet and greet at the hosts familys own home and you saw the accomodation where you would be leaving your dog and you filled in relevant paperwork relating to your dogs stay emergency contact your own vets details consent off on lead etc then no problem so if they fit all above criteria then theres no issues ,the issues are where lots of folk companies etc offer homeboarding without the relevant license this then voids insurance and dogs are taken to hosts where the owner has never ever been theres quite a few conditions for a homeboarding license and if fully licensed and meet conditions no problem .as i said previously anyone potentially wanting to home board there dog 1st thing is to check and see there licensed if they cant provide proof of this i personally would walk away .licenses are there for a reason hopefully to protect your special friend theres some fantastic homeboarders out there and the majority run there business correctly being fully licensed and insured
  6. anyone offering homeboarding which means a dog has an overnight stay in someones home and recieves payment for this must be licensed for this .host families or not if they fit above criteria all concerned must be licensed anyone requiring homeboarding on a meet and greet trial visit please request to see a homeboarding license if this cant be shown and council cant confirm the said person licensed then please walk away too many folk out there unlicensed and im sad to say the horror stories get worse every year lots of folks want best for there dogs but dont realise about licensing conditions and folks take for granted what they hear so please if you go to any home boarding establishment and you cant see proof of license and insurance walk away plenty of good more licensed homeboarders out there do your research contact councils local vets etc. plus always go and visit homeboarders premises never ever let them come to you .always see where your dog is going heard this story a few times homeboarders pay a visit to you and pick up and drop off so you cant see where your dog is going if this is on offer walk away you never know where your special friend might end up .my house an open door i would never board a dog without the dog and owner paying me a visit got to be right for everyone ---------- Post added 11-08-2016 at 22:07 ---------- barking mad i see most of your advertising is round rotherham area are you licensed under rmbc council
  7. too true medusa it cant take that long to walk round and pay a visit we have been many times before to towsure and i would not bring my dog unless coming far afield if so you might have to offer doggy camping in the form of a doggy creche but a tad extreme for how long folks would be in store no way ever would i ever consider a dog or any animal to be left outside unsupervised in todays world i would strongly recommend stay at home dogs you only need 1 incident and your reputation could be down the pan err on side of caution where living things are concerned ---------- Post added 30-07-2016 at 21:13 ---------- also think you need to state on your website your in a city and not suitable to bring dogs that way folks can make alternative arrangments for there dogs ---------- Post added 30-07-2016 at 21:23 ---------- or towsure link up with a couple of dog creches what are up and running owners could drop there dogs off before paying you a visit and you maybe able to offer discounts to each other and customers worth researching
  8. Rehome or Sale? SALE Reason for Rehome / Sale RESCUED RABBITS Sale Amount TO BE DISCUSSED Location PLEASE RING AND ASK Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? YES Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? YES Age & Sex 12 WEEKS, MALE Breed/ Mix CONTINENTAL X LOP Colour/coat type SHORT/VARIOUS Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? ONCE USED TO IT Live in / out EITHER Neutered/spayed TOO YOUNG Chipped N/A Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues NO Temperament FRIENDLY Vaccinated & Wormed NOT YET Any special knowledge needed GOOD KNOWLEDGE ABOUT RABBITS NEEDED General Information you can share four 12 week old male bunnies needing homes mother a continental x father a lop they are extremely well handled in excellent condition and health and my friend is looking for 1st class homes for them .if interested please message me will forward my friends number on thankyou
  9. look up jason vale for juice recipes we did his juice challenge in january i did 5 days on juice only my husband did 14 we never felt hungry and the results were amazing theres a top story to watch called sick fat and nearly dead all about juice and a cold press juicer is far better than nutri bullet etc they are pricey but if you want to have fruit and veg on a longterm plan the health benefits are better
  10. any complaints should be made to rcvs i believe there are gudelines on what vets can charge for the same procedure etc and anything out of the ordinary i believe will be investigated
  11. i know jo very well and she like me gives her dogs a first class service nothing is too much trouble for her as long as her dogs are well looked after
  12. hi there try jo at fernvilla licensed homeboarding for small dogs shes fab with the little ones and licensed under the same council ss myself .she goes above and beyond call of duty for her dogggies x
  13. if you contact corrina at croft kennels her friend is a supplier of it shes based at aston
  14. Anyone seen this facebook page if so any way folk could keep an eye on it ,it sends a chill down my spine what might go on there needing a home or where it will end up thankyou j
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