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  1. hi they do it on Tuesdays and Fridays but am sure if u are dropping donations off u can always knock on there door they would be grateful for your donations
  2. hi there all can anyone tell me where in sheffield where u can p.y.o please i dont drive thanks all xx
  3. Can any one help me my TV won't come on when I plug it. In the red standby button comes on and when I press the button on the TV it trying to turn green it works find when it comes on it a 37inch. Hd handspree. U can see it trying to turn on so I think it must be a lose wire some where can anyone help thanks
  4. Am posting on behalf of a friend daughter HELP THEFT - my daughter has had her school bag stolen outside the White Rose Centre Prince of Wales Road SHEFFIELD, where could post to get it back it has all her school work in she is gutted.she is severely dyslexic it has her specialist glasses in the bag just want the thing back it is worthless to anyone else she is dependent on them for all her school work. Thanks x
  5. Yeah it got it own key ur a life saver when,were. Shall I meet ur I live at shiregreen just of willie wood bottom
  6. Aw thanks what a shame u don't still have it well if u remember who's got it can u drop me a message thanks
  7. Hi there can anyone borrow me a windows xp pro disc i got a laptop of ebay ive try all sort but cant seem to reboot it thanks it for my seven year old son thanks
  8. And where all the dogdy shops in sheffield about ?? ---------- Post added 19-01-2013 at 06:25 ---------- Will give it a try later thanks ---------- Post added 19-01-2013 at 06:27 ---------- Aw thanks will give it a try later on fingers cross I can do it
  9. Hi can anyone help me. My friend bought a laptop of ebay. He then he took ill then Sadly he passed. Away with out fixing the there a password on it so I can use it what so Ever it a compack C300 is there a way or will I need to take it to a shop to get it taking off thanks
  10. Hi there do u mean to start school now or for next year ?? My little girl at beck nursary and they sent forms out last week to apply for place. For next year plus a got a letter thru the post yesterday saying we need to apply now I know from last year I apply for my son for beck school but there was a waiting list so I had to send him to hartley brook in till he got a place at beck but I must say am glad I change him because beck is 100% better in all ways. So the sooner u apply the better. Hope this help u
  11. hi there can anyone help me please am looking to work in a old people home doing hair can any one please help me out ive ohone alot but they have a salon base in there care home thanks
  12. hi am in to all that stuff could you plaese pass me her number please x
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