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  1. hi all the tree is on the right hand side ,,,,go up pack mans lane there is a right turn dont take it go on and the road bends to right then goes down and then up on the right is the tree been down there 100s times seen alsorts best november nights 1030pm onwards..its even in the ghost ..took a cam corder down and it never worked again ..took 24 shots in a camera only 1 turned out showing a house in field no house in field,, seen two lads run ning across road 1 falls then the other one goes back to help then both go running into field from tree on right to field on left .. also had a woman in a black lace bonnet and black dress once back us into a turning to turn rouund was scarey she looked 300 years old .. no **** ... the farmer gets ****** off at the top off the lane asd your head lights shine in is house keeping him up ..i no this as im a reguler down there ,, he phones police who come out n move you on its a very popular place in november .and the police all no wot your doinging there .as its well nown
  2. think thease comments are great n real ,,my mam goes in there alot and always goes to have a drink of tea and some breakfast toast always like white bread n cold beans cold always complains and it never changes in all the morrisons but like the tip with on till receipts staff details good good
  3. I have worked 25 years so i deff paid my tax and all be getting it all back
  4. what you do is go to dole tell them that you have a inter view lets say marks and spencer and you need some clothes eg shoes shirt trouses,they will ask you to go get wot you need and fetch them proof or they will give you a voucher for certain shops .they told me i could have £80 so i went and bought some pods,from winsor world/3 shirts from tesco and some black trouses took them the proof and they gave me a giro check for 80 for post office wich i cashed instantly this is tryed and tested it works and they dont chech that you have a interveiw i never had one lol ,,so it works so them that dont no wot they talking abowt but out them that wont some free stuff thank me when you have got it coss it works
  5. if you into this kind of thing packmans lane kiverton great just go down the lane past the right hand turn and look to your left thers a old tree watch it n see
  6. :rant:get to st johns ambulance great days out good learning skills much fun look in your area now
  7. if you are claiming dole you can get upto 100 for new clothes to help you get a job so nextime you get a interveiw ask for a clothes crant its free bought new pods today new trousers 4 new shirts al free
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