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  1. well if you paid taxes why couldnt you pay rent not being nasty but my rule is rent first gas elec food and what ever left over it yours to spend
  2. im up for this any more info corks
  3. good luck owls and blades lets hope for a good season for both
  4. hi ive got an ipod touch but my laptop has broken im due to go away tomoz and my ipod needs to be re booted as its froze i can only do it with itunes and cant get on it i will be gretfull if anybody can do this for me it will only be a two min job thank you so much must live in gleadless as i dont drive
  5. hi i just bought some camping gear so im after some advice im looking for some campsites in sheffield are or castleton not to far as i dont drive and using public transport and also has to be dog friendly and close to a river as ive just started fly fishing to so fancy giving it a go while camping kill 2 birds with one stone if any body can help i will be greatfull thanks
  6. hi does the voucher have to be used at cutlers hall
  7. hi im after a 2 teir sponge cake cheap as chips though lol can anybody help me
  8. hi i have some old mining ornament plates and books that was my grandads i am moving house in the next few days and was wondering if anybody knows anbody or any where in sheffield that would buy them as i want them to go to good use and not left in a bag they would be a nice item to somebody that collects these types of things thank you for looking
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